Starfinder: Monarch Arachnid

Chris Van Deelen

Monarch Arachnid Expert CR 20 XP 307,200

Neutral Gargantuan Vermin

Init +4; Senses: Darkvision 240 ft.; Perception +34


Defense                                                             HP 430

EAC: 35; KAC: 36

Fort: +19 (+29); Ref: +17; Will: +22

Defensive Abilities: DR 20 / -, hardened survivor; Immunities: Poison, radiation



Speed: 60 feet

Melee: 4 claws +28 (5d8+40 S Crit severe wound), or 1 bite +32 (13d6+40 P Crit Swallow whole)

Space: 50 ft., Reach: 20 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Mental blast, psionic spike, swallow whole, trample (10d10+40)



Str +20; Dex +0; Con +3; Int +6; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Athletics +34, bluff +39, intimidate +39, life science +39, sense motive +39

Feats: Cleave, great cleave, improved initiative

Other Abilities: Arachnid leader, bolster the swarm, fear aura, telepathic communication

Languages: Telepathic communication



Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary


Special Abilities

Arachnid Leader (Su): As long as the monarch is within 1 mile of any arachnid, it fights even harder. All arachnids in the area of effect gain a +1 to hit, and +1 to both their EAC and KAC. If the monarch is killed, the bonuses are lost, and all arachnids are stunned, incapable of action for 2d4 rounds. After this comes to the end, they act as if they are confused for an additional 4d6 minutes, and have to roll each minute to see what they will do. If the result is hurting themselves, or attacking one another, then that is exactly what they will do.

Roll on the following chart to see how the Arachnids end up acting if the Monarch has been killed.

Monarch Death Behavior chart




Act normally.


Stand perfectly still, engaging in no action.


Attack self with claw attack.


Attack nearest creature

Bolster the Swarm (Su): This psychic ability allows the Monarch to improve the will saves of all the Arachnids within a 500 foot range of the creature by +6, and it also removes any mental conditions such as stunned, shaken, and so on. This is a full round action and the creature must concentrate each round to maintain it. If the concentration fails, the Arachnids in the area of effect will revert to their usual Will save. The Monarch can maintain this indefinitely, as long as it can concentrate, but it can only be used once per day once it has dropped the bolster effect.

Fear Aura (Su): The Monarch generates an aura of absolute terror. This is an area effect aura, and covers a range out to 200 feet of the Monarch. Other Arachnids are immune to the effect, but non-arachnids must make a Will save (DC 27) or become shaken for 1d6 rounds. This is a constant ability and can be supressed by the Monarch if it so desires.

Hardened Survivor (Ex): The Monarch arachnid is completely immune to poisons and radiation, and it is able to withstand extreme conditions, even utter vacuum. Whenever the beast must make a saving Fortitude saving throw when dealing with environmental conditions, it gains a +10.

Mental Blast (Su): When the Monarch is in danger; it can release a powerful psychic blast. This will affect any non-Arachnid within 75 feet. Those who are in this area are allowed a Will save (DC 27) or be hit by the blast. They suffer 8d6+20 points of damage and are staggered. A successful save negates the effects. This is a standard action and the creature can use this once every three rounds.

Psionic Spike (Su): As a standard action, the creature is able to directly attack a single target with a powerful jolt of psionic energy which bypasses any type of damage reduction. The victim is allowed a Will save (DC 27) or they will suffer 8d10+20 points of damage, and suffer 2d4 points of temporary wisdom damage. A successful save halves the damage and no will is lost. This is a standard action and the creature can use this once every second round.

Telepathic Communication (Ex): The Monarch is able to telepathically speak with any creature within its line of sight. This bypasses the need to be able to speak or understand any language. This can be used at will.

Trample (Ex): As a full-round action, the creature can move up to twice its speed and literally run over any opponents at least one size category smaller than itself. The Monarch merely has to move over the opponents in its path. The creature does not need to make an attack roll; each creature whose space it moves through takes damage. A target of a trample can make a REF save (DC 27) for half damage. If it attempts the save, it can’t make an attack of opportunity against the trampling Monarch due to the creature’s movement. The Monarch can deal trample damage to a given target only once per round.

Swallow whole (Ex): The creature is able to potentially swallow whole any creature it bites which is at least one category size smaller. See page 156-157 of the Alien Archive for more information.


Without a doubt, the Monarch is the largest Arachnid ever to have been seen, with the exception of the living transport ships the Arachnid empire uses to travel the vacuum.

It has been speculated that the Monarch is the original member of the species, from which all variations have been birthed. The few that have been seen are massive monsters, well over 50 feet in length, and weighing in at around a minimum of 100,000 pounds. This creature has taken many an opponent by surprise, as they see it’s massive bulk and believe that there is no way it can move at any speed. After the Monarch has trampled and crushed its foes in a charge attack, it often takes its sweet time mopping up the survivors by using its huge claws. It has for deadly-sharp claws, which can cleave a medium-sized target in two with little effort. Often it will stop during the battle to bite at and swallow anything unlucky enough to be near its mouth, enjoying a quick snack before dealing with the interlopers.

Unlike Thinkers, the Monarch is not afraid to enter the fray. It will never lead a charge or lead other Arachnids into battle, but it will often stay on the field, sometimes to the rear, near any hive, or in the middle of the swarm, directing the arachnid forces , especially if the enemy forces are weakened or inferior. Against stronger foes, the monarch will stay hidden away in the hive, waiting for the swarm to deal with them.

Another aspect that sets the Monarch aside from the other Arachnids is that it is fully capable of breeding. The monarch is capable of producing any type of Arachnid, producing a single egg every hour. Unlike the breeders who need choosers, the Monarch can decide as soon as the egg has been laid what type of Arachnid it will produce. On top of this, the monarch is not above experimenting with new types of Arachnids, and often produces experimental units. Those who prove their worth on the battlefield become a new strain. Those who don’t… well even the monarch needs to feed.

The Monarch is highly intelligent, and is fully capable of communication, although it is incapable of actual speech. It can telepathically communicate with anyone in its line of sight, or any member of the Arachnid race on the surface of the planet it currently inhabits. This ability extends out to 1 AU from the planet’s surface, so it can be in communication with any transports or the like.

Strangely enough, the Monarch can be reasoned with. The creature is always hunting for new territory and resources, and as such, those who manage to speak to it can sometimes (not often) make a deal, such as leaving a planet or system and allowing the Arachnid empire to claim it.  More often than not however, those offered the chance refuse to take it.

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