Starfinder: Assassin Arachnid

Chris Van Deelen

Assassin Arachnid Combatant CR 5 XP 1,600

Neutral large vermin

Init +10; Senses: Darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +11


Defense                                                             HP 70

EAC: 17; KAC: 19

Fort: +9; Ref: +7; Will: +4

Defensive Abilities: Chameleon exoskeleton, DR 5 / -, hardened survivor; Immunities: Poison, radiation



Speed: 60 feet

Melee: 2 claws +10 (1d10+8 S Crit bleed 1d6), or 1 bite +14 (1d6+8 P)

Space: 10 ft., Reach: 10 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Leaping strike



Str +3; Dex +6; Con +0; Int -; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Acrobatics +11, athletics +11, stealth +16 (+26)

Feats: Improved initiative, step up, step up and strike

Languages: None



Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary


Special Abilities

Chameleon Exoskeleton (Ex): As a swift action, the creature can change its exoskeleton to match the background. This includes other arachnids that might be around it! This will last for exactly 1 minute, and the creature cannot use it for another full hour afterwards. While it is using this ability, it gains a +10 to its stealth check, even when moving.

Hardened Survivor (Ex): The assassin arachnid is completely immune to poisons and radiation, and it is able to withstand extreme conditions, even utter vacuum. Whenever the beast must make a saving Fortitude saving throw when dealing with environmental conditions, it gains a +10.

Leaping Strike (Ex): As a full round action, the creature can move up to four times its movement speed, and leap at a single target. At the same time it can leap up to 60 feet straight into the air while using ability. When it uses this ability, its claw attacks are at +14 to hit, and do 1d10+12 damage each and a critical strike knocks the target prone. The creature can do this once every three rounds.


Another unique creation, this particular Arachnid was designed to have the similar combat capabilities of the warrior, but it has been blessed with incredibly powerful legs, and the ability to change the exoskeleton to become effectively invisible.

Strangely enough, this Arachnid has a striking similar appearance to that of the Terrain Mantis. This creature was specifically designed to target the officers, leaders or heavy units employed by their enemy. They rely on Thinkers and other similar arachnids to locate and pinpoint these particular targets. Once the target has been located, the creature will activate its specialized exoskeleton, and then use its leap in order to cross the ground and get as close to the target as physically possible.

Once it is in reach of the specified target, it will attack savagely, using the leap attack if at all possible, due to the extra damage this causes. It will continue to attack the specific target until either it, or the target, has been killed. If it is successful in killing the target, it will leap out of the combat zone and take the time to heal, or wait until another target of opportunity has been discovered.

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