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Submitted by Chris Van Deelen on Mar 28
This week saw me working on and off on the Monk Magic items book. Specifically the belts. It has been a slow and tedious task, and I am very sure there are plenty of people who would argue with me over the math of the project. Still, twenty belts with their corresponding benefits and prices have been completed and I posted them earlier on Sunday as the next preview for the book.
Submitted by Richard Penwarden on Mar 26
I saw a post on social media the other day that initially made me laugh, but the further I read the more horrified I became. Apparently fudging rolls makes you a bad GM. Wait, what? Yes, this post was a real rant about how a GM was not using the results of the dice as they fell every time and, even worse, they didn’t even show the player what they were rolling and explain why they were rolling it. Most rolls took place behind a screen.
Submitted by Vito Pandolfo on Mar 25
Economies in fantasy games are complex, involving variables from the emulated time period, to metallurgy, to the uses of (and types of) magic, to the trade resource base. In this article I will attempt to make use of some references to provide a basis for those GMs trying to get a handle on economies in fantasy.


The BASH Swords of Kos Bundle, which includes the Player's Guide to the Aegean and Men and Monsters of the Aegean, is now available - at a 25% saving over buying the two publications separately.

In a recent development journal post I went into details about how I might handle travel in the Swords of Infinity RPG system. After a bit of reflection I realized that it is a concept that could apply to most RPGs, and so I have pulled together an example "Travel Table" that can be used as a template in almost any sort of RPG.

During the d-Infinity Playtest Monday: Swords of Infinity #14, we continued with storyteller Brendan Cass's scenario in which the character party is literally making its way through Hell! In this most recent session, our characters had to make their case before Minos, Judge of the Dead — who exercised some leniency, we think, because none of us were actually dead yet — and in the course of this episode encountered the "Bestial Bailiffs" that maintain order in the courts of the underworld. I have, accordingly, stat'ed up the 5th Edition D&D versions and variants on them that appear here. 

Live March 30, 2017 at 9pm EST

Here is the latest preview for the upcoming Monks magic item book.

This took a lot of work! There are probably those who would point out all manner of mistakes with the math, but I did my best!

This article covers the belt structure used in the studio I both teach and train in, with a few minor modifications. This will cover from 1st to 20th level.

For our recent d-Infinity Live Challenge, I asked the players each to design a mash-up setting for an RPG based on some of their favorite, most inspiring music. We had a great show, with terrific entries, all of which turned out to be extremely different, yet very playable, games. I thought I would post my entry here.

Seeing as I am posting after the d-Infinity Amusical Proposition Challenge, I thought my answer should have a twist. So instead of using music to create a game, I'll do the opposite — find a piece of music that suits a game or setting and, more specifically, creations that have been featured at d-Infinity Online. The first three are my main answer but there were others that almost added themselves! 

Live on March 23rd at 9pm EST