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The d-Infinity Independent Game Awards

The results are in! Meet your 2016 winners.Click here for the results.


New episodes Thursdays at 8pm CST!

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Submitted by Derek Holland on May 26
Submitted by Chris Van Deelen on May 26
For those of you who are reading this, I hope you realize this is an actual video blog as well! Just click on the image in the header of this blog and you can listen to the blog instead of taking the time to read it. Much to my surprise I have something to talk about this blog. So much so, this blog is nearly three times as long as my average blog tends to be. So you have the choice… read it, or watch / listen to the blog! Choice is always a good thing.
Submitted by Clint Staples on May 20
This week's D-infinity Challenge was Hometown History! The gauntlet thrown down by artist and frequent guest Amanda Kahl was to take some historical event or series of events in a place where you have lived long enough to have a postal address, and turn it into something gameable - and Ideally - fun!


Welcome to Interplanetary! Join the "d-Infinity Live!" crew for a very special sneak preview of this science fiction miniatures game by designer Mac McLaughlin that replicates the gritty, intense, close-quarter battles fought on board starships, space stations and industrial settings of Earth’s colonial worlds that realistically reflects the speed, tactics, and deadly realities of small-unit engagements. 

Since I will be on the road all day Thursday, and I did not want to leave you all in the lurch without a RQ Thursday article, I thought I would post it today before I set out on my grand trek to the South (which begins tomorrow).

Live June 1st, 2017 at 9pm EST

Skirmisher Publishing has released a special 30% off bundle containing its two hottest items, the best-selling universal sourcebooks City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities and the Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting! Separately these popular titles sell for $49.98 but together in this volume they are available for just $34.99 (and even less for anyone who has already purchased one of them through DriveThruRPG or one of its affiliated sites). Both are fully supported with updates and bonus material at d-Infinity Online game magazine. Each of the titles in the "City Builder/Swords of Kos Bundle" are, in fact, thematically connected, and were originally developed as part of one project under the guidance of Gary Gygax. 

The d-Infinity crew has traveled far and wide in search of historic gaming inspiration from around the world. But sometimes the best ideas are hiding right in your own back yard! 
For this d-Infinity Live challenge, the hosts must each come up with a game scenario (or other piece of game content) that is based on historic events that took place in their “home town.” For the purposes of this challenge, our hosts can use history from any place they have lived long enough to need to change their mailing address (not necessarily the town of their birth or childhood.) True, historical events and/or people must be an important element of the content they create, but other totally fictitious or fantastical elements may also be included and any game system may be used. 
So let's head on down to the local library, dig into old newspaper archives, and see what sort of game we can come up with! 

After having liberated the wyverns from the Lunar Wyvern Patrol in the Clanking Ruin, the Brightwaters turned the creatures over to some Orlanthi allies led by Jarang B

The party adventures in a subterranean underworld, and the Swords of Infinity travel rules are put through their paces.

Skirmisher Publishing has released a new "Battle of the Four Armies" Bundle on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow that contains four different sets of Cardstock CharactersTM printable miniatures — Dwarf SoldieryOrc RaidersHuman Troopers, and Lizardfolk Warriors — and together are priced at 50% off!

Each of these downloadable Cardstock CharactersTM miniatures sets contains three variations on five different figures, a Champion, Infantryman, Missile User, Beast Rider, and War Beast. They have a classic look and are suitable for use with almost any fantasy role-playing game or tabletop wargame, and can be a good way to throw something new at the players in your group.