Starfinder: Archaeologists Environmental Suits

Chris Van Deelen

Archaeologist Environmental Suits (Light Armor)






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These suits were created to be worn by Archaeologists on many different worlds, from the arctic conditions of ancient and dying planets to jungles on primordial worlds; each suit is designed to keep the wearer comfortable, while giving them far more freedom of movement than the typical rigs or armor worn by engineers and security forces.

The suit consists of a jacket, pants, elbow pads and guards covering the triceps up to the shoulders. There is groin protection, knee pads and shin pads included as well. The suit has numerous pockets and D-rings for hooking equipment, and a specialized pocket on the right or left thigh to hold a small personal computer.  Most suits are a neutral brown or green in color, but can be made to the purchasers taste. Typically on cold-weather planets, the suits are made of bright colors so they stick out in the snow, while on dark planets, or tropical planets, it is not uncommon for the suit to be bright white or colors which are easy to spot – making it easier for rescue!

A form-fitting body-suit is worn beneath the suit, which allows it to be fully enclosed and provides complete protection against vacuum. The suit has the standard life-support function, and both the gloves and boots have magnetic strips integrated, so they can easily grab hold of and hang onto the exterior of starships.

The suit comes with a standard helmet, which can conveniently fold away into the collar. When employed, the helmet provides full environmental protection, including vacuum. This helmet automatically includes Infrared sensors. Also, all suits automatically are equipped with Tensile reinforcement, and both of these upgrades to not count towards the upgrade slots.

What separates this armor from most other types is that it tends to provide better protection against energy-based attacks. It is theorized that this is because of the hardy environmental controls that have been integrated into the suit. These can be changed out, so that cold-weather suits can be turned into hot-weather suits. Also - lines of nanites running throughout the inner liner, grounding the suit against electricity – which can be quite useful on worlds in which electrical storms are common.

In game terms – each suit, depending on the type, automatically gains electrical resistance equal to 5+ the suits level, with the exception of level 1, which is resistance 5. So level 5 will be resistance 10, level 10 will be 15 and so forth. Furthermore, depending on the type of environment, the suit provides resistance against either fire or cold-based attacks which equals that of the electrical resistance.  Finally each suit gives the user a bonus of +2 to electricity, as well as +2 any saving throw against the particular type of energy attack the suit is rated for – be it cold or fire.

Encumbrance for any handheld computer is automatically ignored while wearing this suit. If the suit has the standard color scheme, the wearer suffers a -5 to any stealth check involving vision, however the owner can choose to change the color pattern at time of purchase.

Changing the environmental protection package requires 2 hours and a successful engineering check (DC = to the suits level).

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