Scorpion Class Engineering Armor

Chris Van Deelen

Scorpion Class Engineering Armor (Heavy armor)






Max Dex

AC Penalty

Speed Adjust

Upgrade slots


Scorpion Androctonus Class







-10 ft.



Scorpion Tityus Class







-10 ft.



Scorpion Leiurus Class







-10 ft.



Scorpion Hottentotta Class







-10 ft.




Designed to be used in the worst possible environments, the Scorpion class engineering suit more than fulfills that role. Although it is heavy and cumbersome, wearers are more than happy with the protection it provides.  Most of the suits come in a standard black and red color scheme, which is how the armor gained the name scorpion, as it is reminiscent of the old Earth arachnid. Many corporations of course change the scheme and often have the name of the corporation visible, as well as the name tag of the engineer, and the ship or colony the engineer is assigned to.

When it comes to protection, the suit has many built-in functions. First, the suit is completely immune to the effects of acid, thanks to the special properties woven into the thick fabric. It is also completely sealed against environmental hazards such as toxic gases, and is designed to be used in vacuum. Furthermore, the suit provides energy resistance equal to its level against electricity and fire. 

On top of these already impressive features, the suit has a built-in mount on either the right or left arm (or shoulder), which comes with a Plasma cutter (always equal to or lower level of the suit, although it can be upgraded if the price in credits is paid. This is a fixed feature, and does not take up an upgrade slot, although if removed, it does not provide extra slots. Also, any miner or engineering-based type of melee weapon, such as the Frostbite monofilament saw, or the SH-B1 plasma saw require only half the usual mounts (1 instead of 2), otherwise adding a weapon mount will take up two slots. Lastly, the suit automatically comes with the Load-Lifter augmentation.

This is the only type of heavy armor that can be worn by Mechanics who have not taken the Heavy Armor feat. If they do not take the feat, then the suits have the same statistics for them. However, if a mechanic does take the Heavy Armor feat, they will gain increased benefits while using this armor. The wearer gains a +1 and +2 to both EAC and KAC, and the energy resistance is increased by 50% (rounded down), and max dexterity bonus is increased by 1.

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