Starfinder: Implanted

Chris Van Deelen

Xenomorph Implanted (Combatant) CR 1 XP 400

Neutral medium humanoid

Init +4; Senses low-light vision 60 ft.; Perception +4


Defense                                                             HP 20

EAC 12; KAC 15

Fort +3; Ref +1; Will +3



Speed 20 ft.

Melee By weapon +5

Ranged By weapon +8



Str +2; Dex +4; Con +1; Int -2; Wis -2; Cha -2

Skills Acrobatics +10, Athletics +5

Feats Hit and run style, opening volley

Languages Common

Gear Golemforged plating, auto-target rifle, longsword, 2 frag grenades.



Environment Any

Organization Solitary, small groups (1d4), medium groups (2d8), large groups (3d12) or hive (10d6)


Special Abilities

Hive Telepathy (Su) An implanted sees the world through different eyes. Literally. As long as the implanted is within 1 mile of the hive, she will react to everything as if it was perfectly normal. The hive will appear as her home, the drones as friends, and the queen as her mother. All other non-Xenomorphs will appear to her as the monsters, and she will react and attack them in order to protect her friends and her home. If the implanted leaves this area of effect, she will have to make a Fort Save (DC 15) every hour. Once the save fails, the embryo will burst from her chest, killing her instantly. As long as she is not more than a mile from the hive, she can remain a protector indefinitely.

Implanted Template Graft (CR 1+)

The victim of a Facehugger, which has become attuned to the hive and is now a protector of the Queen and her kith and kin.

                Required creature Type: Humanoid.

                Required Array: Any

                Traits: Low light vision (60 ft.), Hive telepathy

                Suggested ability score modifiers: -2 to Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma, +2 to Strength

The implanted are a special variety of host which, after embryo implantation, is allowed to roam freely within the hive itself. These are always either soldiers, police or other hosts who happened to be trained in combative arts when they were captured by the drones and brought back to the hive.

The queen is able to produce a specific jelly, and it is fed into the body of the host while the Facehugger is attached. This jelly is a powerful narcotic and has hallucinogenic properties, so once the host awakens, instead of seeing a hive, and the Xenomorphs as deadly predators, they seem them as members of their family or squad, or even friends and will do everything in their power to protect them.

If someone manages to speak to one of these unfortunate victims, they will respond, but will be slow and will have a very difficult time forming full sentences. They are quite easily distracted and will often forget about what they are conversing about.

Typically the embryo will burst forth from the victim as soon as it has matured enough to survive on its own, but it has been discovered that once the embryo is mature in this particular type of host, it will not burst free – instead it would wait and allow the host to live; only bursting free upon its death.  This means there are hosts wandering around the hive who have been implanted for weeks, even months, acting as guardians for the queen.

As time progresses, the host sinks deeper and deeper into confusion, until it can barely function at all. Eventually it will forget how to speak, and will even forget to eat and drink – although typically the only sustenance which can be found in the hive are the corpses of previous hosts.  The implanted will eat these, but will not realize they are consuming the flesh of their fellows.  Instead they will believe they are eating typical meals.

A host, if somehow rendered unconscious and removed from the hive, can be saved. If they are taken to a medical facility or are treated with field surgery, a surgeon (life science, medicine) will need a successful roll (DC 16) to remove the embryo. If the roll fails, the victim dies in the process.

If the host is killed in combat, the embryo will burst free and flee, ready to grow and become the latest drone in service of the hive.

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