Starfinder: Xeno-metamorphosis DNA Infection

Chris Van Deelen

Xeno-metamorphosis DNA Infection

Type: disease (physical contact) Save: Fortitude DC 17

Track: Physical Frequency: 1/hour

Effect: Any creature coming into contact with the contaminant must make an immediate save. If it fails, the creature is infected. The track progresses until it hits bedridden, at which point the DNA metamorphosis is complete and the infected creature changes into a fully developed Xenomorph Drone.

Cure: 3 consecutive saves

When the U.S.S. Sulaco was discovered and retrieved from deep space and finally brought to the Anchorpoint station, the survivors of the infestation of LV 426 were brought on board. With them came the residue of the combat against the Xeno Queen.

Scientists, being what they are, started an immediate investigation into the genetic material left behind by these alien creatures. They discovered that the Xeno DNA aggressively attacked and converted regular DNA into exact copies.

Intrigued, the scientists used vat-grown tissue samples to see what they could create from this aggressive DNA sample. Over the period of a couple of hours, the tissue samples were converted into the Xeno-DNA and actual embryo’s began to form.

Without warning, the embryos began to grow exponentially and burst out of the containment they had been growing in.

A scientist and a company CEO were trapped inside the room when this happened, and ended up coming into contact with the biological solution containing the Xeno DNA. Working fast, they managed to clean the material off their clothing and skin. They were quickly released after they were determined to be clear of biological contamination.

That was not the case.

In less than 24 hours, both underwent a violent metamorphosis, shedding their human flesh like a moth sheds a cocoon, and Xenomorphs were born. These particular Xenomorphs had nearly identical physical appearance to the creatures discovered on LV426, with one major exception. The skull-like face of the creatures were far more pronounced than that of the others encountered, and had what appeared to be eyes, which glowed a dull red.

It is not known why, but other Xenomorphs who encounter these new Xenos are extremely violent and will attack on sight. Neither version will give quarter and will fight until one or the other is dead.

Although the Anchorpoint station was destroyed, somehow the CEO managed to get samples and research notes off the station, where it was sent to the company headquarters for further research. If the rumors are to be believed, several small outposts, colonies, even bases and ships have been ‘infected’ with the DNA-infused material to see just how viable a weapon this could turn out to be.

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