Starfinder: Warrior Arachnid

Chris Van Deelen

Warrior, Arachnid Type CR 4 XP 1,200

Neutral large vermin

Init +7; Senses: Darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +10


Defense                                                             HP 50

EAC: 16; KAC: 18

Fort: +8 (+18); Ref: +6; Will: +3

Defensive Abilities: DR 5 / - Energy Resistance 5 (all); Immunities: Poison, radiation



Speed: 60 ft., burrow 20 ft.

Melee: two claws +8 (1d6+9 S Crit wound), or 1 bite +12 (1d8+9 S)

Space: 10 ft., Reach: 10 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Lethal claws



Str +5; Dex +3; Con +1; Int -; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Acrobatics +10, athletics +15

Feats: Cleave, improved initiative

Other Abilities: Climber, hardened survivor

Languages: None



Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary, small groups (1d6), medium groups (2d8+2), large groups (4d10+4), swarms (hundreds to millions)


Special Abilities

Climber (Ex): The creature is capable of moving its full speed when traversing walls. It does not require an Athletics roll, unless it is trying to cross ceilings or difficult terrain.

Hardened Survivor (Ex): The warrior is completely immune to poisons and radiation, and it is able to withstand extreme conditions, even utter vacuum. Whenever the beast must make a saving Fortitude saving throw when dealing with environmental conditions, it gains a +10.

Lethal claws (Ex): If the warrior manages to successfully strike with both claws, it will get an automatic bite attack without having to make an successful to hit roll.


Calling them Arachnids is a bit of a misnomer. They do not really look like a spider at all; it is just a name which was given to them by those unlucky few who first encountered them. The name was coined to describe the entire species, of which there are dozens of variants.

The most common type of Arachnid found is the Warrior. Sometimes they are just called Warriors, other times they are known as Tiger Warriors due to the tiger-like stripes covering the exoskeleton. The warrior can literally be mass grown, with hundreds of thousands, if not millions are born to use in combat every generation. They are all but mindless, and have only one purpose – to fight and to kill. They will continue to fight no matter how much damage they have sustained, and even if their limbs are blown off, they will do whatever they can to kill the enemy. They have absolutely no fear and will always attempt to succeed in whatever mission the brain-bug has assigned them.

Warriors stand just shy of ten feet in height, and easily weigh over 500 pounds. They run on four sharp claws and have two which they primarily use for combat, although all their claws can be employed if the two primary are severed. The body is surprisingly small, with a huge beak-like mouth, which houses the warriors other primary weapon – its bite.

These Arachnids are able to operate in almost every type of environment, including complete vacuum, toxic atmospheres and harsh planetary conditions which would spell doom for most other creatures. They will eventually die in such conditions, but this never concerns the Warriors, especially if they are on a mission.

Usually a handful of these creatures are not difficult to manage, although their thick exoskeleton gives excellent protection against nearly all type of attack, even energy. In large numbers, it is suggested that infestations be dealt with by orbital strike.

I would like to give a special shout-out to Lloyd Calvin for helping me with this work! Thanks bud!

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