Starfinder: SH-B1 Plasma Saw

Chris Van Deelen

SH-B1 Plasma Saw (advanced melee weapon two handed)








SH-B1 Plasma Saw



1d10 E&S



Penetrating, powered (capacity 40, usage 5), profession (engineer, miner), sunder, unwieldy

SH-B5 Plasma Saw



3d10 E&S

Severe wound


Breach, penetrating, powered (capacity 80, usage 5), profession (engineer, miner) , sunder, unwieldy

SH-B7 Plasma Saw



7d10 E&S

Severe wound


Breach, penetrating, powered (capacity 100, usage 5), profession (engineer, miner) , sunder, unwieldy


The SH-B1 Plasma Saw was designed to be used for dissection and demolition purposes on construction, demolition, and mining locations. It was especially useful for those who were in the Ship-Breaker field, cutting apart old hulls to be recycled and repurposed. Miners also found it to be exceedingly useful when cutting down chunks of ore-laden asteroids and rocks so they could be fed more easily into smelters.  

The SH-B series of plasma saws are hand portable (although two hands are required to use it properly) device which looks like an old-fashioned chain-saw. The ‘blade’ consists of monofilament ‘teeth’ connected to a high-speed track and chain, run by a powerful magnetic motor. The motor spins the saw at extremely high speeds, allowing it to cut through even the densest of materials with relative ease. When in use, the chain glows a bright blue, and occasionally sparks tiny arcs of electricity as it spins.

After the various Necromorph outbreaks across the known systems, many of the survivors found that this device made an excellent weapon in combating the undead horrors, especially when they got within hand-to-hand range. It was discovered that this weapon was an excellent device to use against the larger Necromorphs, tearing through their hardened skeletal armor like a knife through butter.

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