Starfinder: Rock Saw

Chris Van Deelen

Black and Decker Rock Saw (Advanced two-handed Melee Weapon)








B&D Rock Saw Mk 1



1d6 P or 1d8 F&S

bleed 1d4 or wound


Breach, penetrating, powered (capacity 20, usage 2), profession (miner)

B&D Rock Saw Mk 2



3d6 P or 3d8 F&S

bleed 3d4 or wound


Breach, penetrating, powered (capacity 40, usage 2), profession (miner)

B&D Rock Saw Mk 3



6d6 P or 6d8 F&S

bleed 6d4 or severe wound


Breach, penetrating, powered (capacity 80, usage 2), profession (miner)

B&D Rock Saw Mk4



9d6 P or 9d8 F&S

bleed 9d4 or severe wound


Breach, penetrating, powered (capacity 100, usage 2), profession (miner)


Throughout the centuries, the Black and Decker name has been known with the production of high-quality and durable tools. Even after humanity reached the stars, the company adapted and continued to produce top-notch tools.

The B&D Rock Saw was an instrument designed for cutting through rock to get at the valuable minerals contained inside. One end is a standard metal pick with serrated edges while the other end could be extended out in order to generate a powerful laser.

With the fact that both ends of the weapon could be utilized in combat made it quite versatile, especially if the user happened to run out of batteries. Instead of being left with what was essentially a high-tech club; the serrated pick could still be wielded in combat quite effectively. 

Critical hits are handled with bleed for the serrated pick end, while the laser saw inflicts wounds.

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