Starfinder: Xenomorph Deacon

Chris Van Deelen

Xenomorph Deacon (Combatant) CR 1 XP 400

Neutral medium aberration

Init +4; Senses Blindsight (sound) 60 ft.; Perception +0


Defense                                                             HP 20

EAC 11; KAC 13

Fort +3; Ref +3; Will +3

Immunities Acid, cold, vacuum

Weaknesses Vulnerability to fire



Speed 30 ft.

Melee Bite, +8 (1d8+3 P) or two claws +4, (2d6+3 plus grab S)

Offensive Abilities Grab, inner jaw



Str +2; Dex +4; Con +1; Int -4; Wis -2; Cha -2

Skills Acrobatics +10, Athletics +5, Stealth +10

Languages None

Other Abilities Implantation, Stalker

Gear None



Environment Any

Organization Solitary, small groups (1d4), or medium groups (2d6)


Special Abilities

Grab (Ex) More often than not, the Deacon will attempt to grab a target in order to implant it with a Trilobite embryo. The creature must make a claw attack, it will do normal damage. If the attack roll successfully hits the target’s KAC +4, the creature automatically grapples the foe as a free action. (If it hits the targets KAC +13, it instead pins the target).

Implantation (Ex) If the Deacon successfully grabs a target, the creature can attempt to implant it with a Trilobite.  The target is then allowed an Acrobatics (escape artists) DC 15 to try and free itself. If this fails, the Deacon will ‘kiss’ the target and shove a long, thin tongue-like appendage down the throat. The victim is still awake and aware during this process and can attempt to escape.   The implantation will then take 1d4 rounds to complete.  Once a victim has been successfully implanted, the Deacon will let the victim go and leave in search of more prey. The implanted embryo will continue to grow. It will take as little as an hour or as long as several days before the embryo has grown enough to survive outside the host. At this time the embryo will then tear through the chest of the victim, killing it in the process. Typically the victim will have 4d12 hours before the creature bursts through its chest. If the victim is given medical treatment (actual surgery), the victim has a chance to survive. A surgeon (life science, medicine) will need a successful roll (DC 16) to remove the embryo. If the roll fails, the victim dies in the process. If not removed the Trilobite will eventually burst forth, killing the host and continue the hunt for another host.

Inner Jaw (Ex) Possessing an additional ‘jaw’ the creature can opt to use this attack. It typically will use this on a grappled target, or it can opt to use this in addition to the bite. The bite does slightly less damage (1d6+5 S) but is more accurate. The creature has a +11 with this particular attack, and if the target is grappled, then the bonus is +14.

Natural Weapons (Ex) Cannot be disarmed.

Stalker (Ex) The Xenomorph is a near-perfect predator. As such it gains a +5 racial bonus to stealth rolls.

Vulnerability to fire (Ex) The creature has few vulnerabilities, and fire is one. Whenever it encounters fire, the creature will take an additional 50% damage (rounded to nearest) and suffer a -4 to any saving throws involving fire.


The origin of this creature is not entirely known, or understood. It has many similarities to the standard Xenomorph, and is genetically similar, but physically there are significant differences.

The known and reported life-cycle of the creature is as follows.  Found in the deep reaches of space, a crashed alien craft of unknown origin contained containers filled with a strange, black substance. It was later discovered this substance could drastically change the genetic code of any life it touched, and had done so with members of the research ship which discovered it.

Before the physical changes began to manifest, two crew members engaged in sexual relations, and one became impregnated. Instead of gestating a normal fetus, she discovered a horrifying life-form growing inside her, and she had it surgically removed. The still-growing creature which has since been dubbed a Trilobite promptly escaped.

Later this Trilobite encountered one of the aliens responsible for creating the strange substance and ended up attacking it and impregnating it, in a very similar manner to that of the Facehugger.

The resulting creature which burst from it has become known as a Deacon.

This particular type of Xenomorph is considered by many to be almost a ‘prototype’ from which the other variants eventually came to be, but the genetic footprint and other encounters over the centuries have proven to be incredibly difficult to follow or even understand.  It is speculated this particular line of the Xenomorph family tree is a dead-end.

The creature does not possess the standard bio-mechanical appearance of most of the Xenomorphs, nor does it have the inner jaw, tail or back-spikes. The flesh is onyx, like those of other Xenomorphs, and it does possess a type of inner jaw, although not as strong or powerful as those found in other Xenomorphs. The skill is also not quite as long and tapers off to a point.  It is not quite as strong, but it is quite agile, and does not possess the acidic blood.

It reproduces through injecting immature trilobite-like creatures into the body of an un-expecting host. This makes reproduction more complex, as the creature requires two hosts. Once the deacon implants the trilobite-like monster, the creature gestates and then emerges, seeks out a new host, and implants a new deacon into it.

These beasts do not appear to create hives like other Xenomorphs. Instead they make their homes anywhere which suits them, always close to prey in order to be able to procreate the species. They are pure carnivores and will also eat the remains of those who they used for reproductive purposes.

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