Starfinder: UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship

Chris Van Deelen

UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship (Tier 4)

Small shuttle

Speed 8; Maneuverability perfect (turn 0)

AC 22; TL 21

HP 40; DT n/a; CT 8

Shields None (forward 0, port 0, starboard 0, aft 0)

Attack (Forward) chain cannon (6d4)

Attack (Port) high explosive missile launcher (4d8), micromissile battery (2d6)

Attack (Starboard) high explosive missile launcher (4d8), micromissile battery (2d6)

Power Core(s) Pulse Black (120 PCU); Drift Engine None; Systems advanced medium-range sensors, crew quarters (common), mk 5 armor, mk 5 defences, mk 2 trinode computer (tier 2); Security anti-hacking systems mk 1 (DC +1), computer countermeasures (alarm, firewall, lockout); Expansion Bays cargo hold, passenger seating

Modifiers +2 any three checks per round, +4 Computers, +2 Piloting; Complement 2


Gunner gunnery +12

Pilot Computers +11 (2 ranks), gunnery +7, Piloting +12 (2 ranks)

The work-horse of the Colonial Marines for landing troops as well as APC's.

The Cheyenne dropship was primarily designed to be dropped via most USCM spacecraft, with the intent to not only ferry armor but up to sixty fully kitted-out troops at a time. They ship is also heavily armed, carrying a massive payload of both full-sized missiles as well as an array of micro-missiles, and a nose-mounted autocannon.  As a result, the transport can also act as air-support to the ground units it is deploying.

The ship was designed with VTOL or vertical take-off and landing capabilities, allowing it to be used anywhere, without having to worry about prepared landing sites or controlled territory – much like the ancient helicopters of the pre space-flight era.

Not only is the ship used for transporting troops and armor, it is often used to ferry material between USCM ships and space-stations.

The ship does not require a full complement of officers, and can be flown by a single pilot. A gunner is typically present as well, and depending on the mission, it can carry a Jump Master, engineer, or medical officer.

The ship can also be quickly modified to carry a medical bay, especially when used to ferry battlefield casualties away from the site of combat to a waiting USCM starship in orbit.

The ship is 83 feet from nose to tail, 50 feet wide, and 20 feet tall, and weighs (with a full combat load) 30 imperial tons.

Aliens, Predator, Prometheus, and The Thing Conversion Collection

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