Starfinder: Broadbow Arc Cutter

Chris Van Deelen

Broadbow Arc Cutter (Heavy Weapon)











Broadbow Arc Cutter Mark 1



2d8 E&F or 2d6 E

50 ft.

Burn 2d4 or arc 1d6


3 for plasma, 2 for electrical, or 5 for both


Line, unwieldy

Broadbow Arc Cutter Mark 2



5d8 E&F or 5d6 E

50 ft.

Burn 5d4 or arc 3d6


3 for plasma, 2 for electrical, or 5 for both


Line, unwieldy

Broadbow Arc Cutter Mark 3



10d8 E&F or 10d6 E

75 ft.

Burn 10d4 or arc 5d6


3 for plasma, 2 for electrical, or 5 for both


Line, unwieldy


The Broadbow Arc Cutter looks quite similar to the standard Line Gun, but there are a couple of major differences. First, the weapon has two entirely different modes of fire. One is a standard line of plasma, while the other is a direct electrical bolt. If one or the other are fired, there is no penalty, however, if both are triggered at the same time, the shooter suffers the standard -4 penalty.  Most unwieldy weapons cannot be fired more than once per round, this one can however, due to the design.

Again, thanks to the design of the weapon, the device can fire both barrels in a direct line, hitting multiple targets at once. If a critical is achieved, then the damage inflicted is based entirely on which barrel achieved the critical. In the unlikely event that both critically hit, and then both critical results are inflicted on the target in question.

It should be noted that firing both barrels at the same time is very taxing on the weapon, and it needs several seconds to not only cool down, but recharge the capacitors to fire again. Firing both in a single round means the weapon cannot fire on the next round, but it can on the round after.

Using both barrels at the same time will quickly drain the battery, so the usage for each type of attack is listed. The weapon does use the largest capacity battery available though, so that makes it last a little longer.

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