Starfinder: Flyer Arachnid

Chris Van Deelen

Flyer Arachnid Combatant CR 2 XP 600

Neutral medium vermin

Init +9; Senses: Darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +7


Defense                                                             HP 30

EAC: 17; KAC: 19

Fort: +6; Ref: +6; Will: +1

Defensive Abilities: DR 2 / -, evasion; Immunities: fire, poison, radiation



Speed: 20 ft., 80 ft. (fly – good)

Melee: Two claws +7 (1d6+4 S) or bite +11 (1d4+4 P)

Offensive Abilities: Explosive Egg



Str +2; Dex +5; Con +0; Int -; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Acrobatics +12

Feats:  Improved initiative, lightning reflexes

Other Abilities: Hardened survivor

Languages: None



Environment: Any

Organization: Squads (2d4+4), or flocks (6d4+6)


Special Abilities

Diving slash (Ex): The Flyer can dive at any target, and can move up to twice its normal movement rate. The creature cannot make any turns while attempting this maneuver. The creature will gain a +2 to hit with its claws and the damage is increased to 2d6+4 if the slash succeeds. This requires a full round action to complete.

Evasion (Ex): Whenever the Flyer is subjected to a reflex save to avoid half damage, it will automatically avoid all damage upon a successful save.

Explosive Egg (Ex): Occasionally the flyer will carry a pair of ‘eggs’ into combat with them. These can be dropped from any height and once they impact the ground, the eggs will explode in a 20 foot radius. The area of effect will suffer 2d6+3 points of flame damage, with a Ref save (DC 13 for half damage, as the area is coated in the napalm-like chemical used by the Spewer Arachnid. After the ‘egg’ detonates, the flame will continue to burn for 1d3+1 rounds, unless the victim is able to somehow smother the flames (rolling in dirt, dousing in chemical fire-extinguishing foam, jumping into a river or large body of water). Also the napalm-like fire will remain on whatever terrain it coated when the arachnid used this ability and will last for 1d3+1 rounds before burning out. The Flyer can use this ability only twice, and then it needs to ‘reload’ back at its base.

Hardened Survivor (Ex): The warrior is completely immune to poisons and radiation, and it is able to withstand extreme conditions, even utter vacuum. Whenever the beast must make a saving Fortitude saving throw when dealing with environmental conditions, it gains a +10.


Calling them Arachnids is a bit of a misnomer. They do not really look like a spider at all; it is just a name which was given to them by those unlucky few who first encountered them. The name was coined to describe the entire species, of which there are dozens of variants.

This particular variant is a modified version of the Warrior. It is significantly smaller and weighs far less than the Warrior, but has one major advantage the warrior lacks – it can fly, and as such, it can typically go where the warrior cannot. The average Flyer is only about six feet in length, and weighs just over 150 pounds. They have the overall appearance of the Warriors, but they possess a pair of large wings which protrude from the side of the Arachnid. The wings are thin, but have thick exoskeletal ‘fingers’ which can spread out to a maximum of 10 feet from the creature. There are larger versions as well, some being as large as a Warrior.

Liberally mixed in with a Arachnid army, these creatures are fully capable of dive-bombing ground targets and inflicting terrible wounds, while taking back to the air and reducing the risk of them taking damage from enemy fire.

Being exceptionally agile, the creatures are often difficult to harm using area effect weapons.

Although it is not common, the Arachnids have been known to use ‘organic’ bombs with these creatures. They will often fly over enemy formations and installations, dropping these explosives to kill enemy combatants or weaken structures and vehicles. Due to the size of the explosive ‘egg’ the creature can only carry two of these at a time and if they want to use more, they have to return to their ‘hive’ in order to rearm.

This particular version is too small to grab and lift anything larger than ‘small’ size, and as such they will rarely ever attempt to hoist a target into the air. There are larger versions though, that will grab ground targets and carry them off into the air to drop from great heights, allowing gravity to finish them off.

Unlike Warriors, these creatures will retreat if the battle turns against them, they will return to the hive to fight another day.

I would like to give a special shout-out to Lloyd Calvin for helping me with this work! Thanks bud!

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