Starfinder: Scorpion Arachnid

Chris Van Deelen

Scorpion Arachnid Combatant CR 16 XP 76,800

Neutral gargantuan  vermin

Init -2; Senses: Darkvision 60 ft; Perception +28


Defense                                                             HP 300

EAC: 26; KAC: 35

Fort: +20 (+30); Ref: +18; Will: +14

Defensive Abilities: DR 16 / -, hardened survivor; Immunities: Piercing attacks, poison, radiation



Speed: 20 ft.

Melee: 2 claws +26 (6d10+31 S Crit severe wound) or 1 bite +30 (6d8+31 P Crit swallow whole)

Ranged: Plasma blast +27 (8d12+16 E&F Crit burn 3d12)

Space: 40 ft., Reach: 20 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Swallow whole, trample (6d6+31)



Str +15; Dex -2; Con +10; Int -; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Athletics +33, survival +28

Languages: None



Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary, pairs, or small groups (1d4+2)


Special Abilities

Hardened Survivor (Ex): The Scorpion is completely immune to poisons and radiation, and it is able to withstand extreme conditions, even utter vacuum. Whenever the beast must make a saving Fortitude saving throw when dealing with environmental conditions, it gains a +10.

Swallow whole (Ex): The creature is able to potentially swallow whole any creature it bites which is at least one category size smaller. See page 156-157 of the Alien Archive for more information.

Trample (Ex): As a full-round action, the creature can move up to twice its speed and literally run over any opponents at least one size category smaller than itself. The Tank merely has to move over the opponents in its path. The creature does not need to make an attack roll; each creature whose space it moves through takes damage. A target of a trample can make a REF save (DC 22) for half damage. If it attempts the save, it can’t make an attack of opportunity against the trampling Tank due to the creature’s movement. The Tank can deal trample damage to a given target only once per round.


The scorpion arachnid is the races answer to heavily armored tanks, used by many other races they are engaged in conflict with. The scorpion appears very similar to the common arachnid found on many planets, being thickly armored and running on six thick legs which carry it low to the ground. It has a pair of large claws, which the arachnid uses like gargantuan scythes in combat. It can also bite if something, somehow manages to get close enough to bite.  What makes it so similar to the terrestrial scorpion is that it has a huge tail like the arachnid, except this does not end in a stinger, but instead has a hole from which the creature is able to send a powerful blast of plasma energy.

The armor protecting this creature is so thick it has rendered it completely impenetrable against all piercing type attacks, and has been proven more than adequate when dealing with other types of damage as well. Although slow and cumbersome, considering the creature is on average 40 feet in length and weighs well over 20,000 pounds, it can generate short bursts of speed in which it can trample over other creatures, crushing them beneath its massive bulk. It will trample targets, even those who are currently engaged in hand-to-claw combat with other Arachnids – the Scorpion just does not care!

The creature’s main role in combat is to use its deadly plasma attack against enemy armor – be it powered armor, vehicles, aircraft or even fixed installations. The damage inflicted by the plasma attack can chew through most types of armor with relative ease. They are also used to as backup for Tanks and Plasma bugs.

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