Skynet Terminator, Hunter Killer and Weapons

Chris Van Deelen

This is the index for all the Terminator Conversions I have created.

HK Aerial Dragon
HK Javelin
HK Silverfish
HK Tank
T-1 Ground Assault Autonomous Vehicle
T-2 Aerial Assault Autonomous Vehicle
T-7 Armored Spider
T-47 Goliath
T-600 Infiltration Terminator
T-700 Combat Terminator
T-800 Infiltration Terminator
T-1000 Polymorphic Terminator
T-H Hybrid
T-S Seeker
TS-12 Spider Scout
TS-20 Aerial Spider Scout
TX-1 Terminator


A.C.E. Power Armor
Resistance Battle-Dress
Resistance Duty Uniform

Energy Weapons

General Dynamics VSB-90 Plasma Minigun
Tech Com RG Series Phased Plasma Sniper Rifle
Westinghouse M-25 Phased Plasma Pulse Rifle
Westinghouse M-27 Phased Plasma Pulse Rifle


Resistance Longcoat
Resistance NVG's
Skynet Upgrades

Melee Weapons

Termination Knife

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