Mutation Index

Chris Van Deelen

This will contain all the mutations and rules I have created over the years in one nice, easily accessible index!

Physical Mutations
Aberrant Form

Absorb Disease
Accelerated Natural Attacks
Acute Lysosomal Function
Advanced Precision
Alter Genetic Code
Alter Natural Weapons
Alter Radiation
Alter Toxic Weapon
Anaerobic Respiratory System
Anti-Vampiric Field
Armored Musculature
Attraction & Repulsion Force
Bio-Conversion Bolster
Cannibalize Power Score
Cerebellum Consumption
Circulatory Control

Physical Mutation Drawbacks
Ability Reduction - Temporary

Acute Epileptic Seizures
Atrophied Natural Weapon
Auto-Immune Aura
Bizarre Appearance
Color Blindness
Damaged Vocal Cords
Dietary Requirement Change
Dispersed Cerebellum
Enhanced Insomnia
Enlarged Appendage
Enlarged Cerebellum
Environment Sensitivity
Epidermal Dependency
Epidermal Susceptibility
Fluctuating Genetic Code
Hamper Wound Closure

Mental Mutations
Ability Adjustment

Aggravate Wounds
Accumulated Resistance, Mental
Acute Hyper Healing
Activate Mutation
Alter Circadian Rhythm
Alter Memories
Alter Physical State
Analyze Structural Integrity
Ancestral Form
Ancestral Memory
Animate Plant
Animate Matter
Anti-Life Ray
Area Cynosure
Astral Projection
Attribute Parasite
Cannibalize Power Score
Cellular Repair
Cerebral Paralysis
Entropy Field

Mental Mutation Drawbacks
Ability Reduction - Temporary

Acute Anxiety Attacks
Acute Distraction
Acute Dyslexia
Acute Fight Instinct
Atrophied Cerebellum
Chaos Field
Combat Paralysis
Compulsion to Kill
Compulsive Mimic
Damaging Mutation
Directionally Challenged
Draining Mutation
Dual Cerebellum (Defective)
Emotional Disconnection
Entropy Field (Drawback)

Plant Mutations
Aberrant Form -
Abnormal Size
Accumulated Resistance
Adhesive Sap
Aging Field
Alter Genetic Code
Alter Soil Consistency
Alternate Water Feeding
Animal Form
Animal Limbs or Organs
Animated Seeds
Antimicrobial Slime
Anti-Vampiric Field
Bioluminescent Leaves / Bark
Burrowing Splinter
Chameleon Fiber
Chameleon Metamorph
Chemical Gland

Chemical Gland - Adaptive

Plant Mutation Drawbacks
Ability Reduction - Temporary

Attraction Lure
Cnidarian Deformity
Dietary Requirement Change
Glowing Secretion
Iron Core
Lead Roots
Poorly Adapted Limbs
Prey Scent
Reduced Fertility
Reduced Part
Retains Leaves
Rotting Flesh
Seasonal Hibernation

Additional Rules
Alternate Mutation Rules

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New Mutant Monday Series One Index
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Chris Van Deelen is the creator and contributor to over half of the Wisdom from the Wastelands series, contributor to the Swords of Kos: Hekaton anthology. He also wrote Creatures of the Tropical Wastelands, and 100 Oddities found in a Car. As prolific as he is, Chris Van Deelen continues to write and produce material which will be in publication soon. Not only is he a prolific content creator, he also has a wide selection of fiction and stories! If you like his work, please follow his personal author page on Facebook and on Twitter to keep up with his latest news and game content.