Physical Mutation: Alter Radiation

Chris Van Deelen

Alter Radiation

Type: Physical

Frequency: Rare

Power Score: Yes

Range: Twice the power score (round to nearest five foot increment)

Duration: As long as the mutant concentrates

AI Recognition: None

Damage: None

Uses: Concentration (see description)


The mutant is able to manipulate radiation. The mutant is capable of increasing or decreasing the amount of radiation in a sphere centered on it. The mutant must concentrate to use this power and cannot take any action other than walking. If the mutant’s concentration is broken, the radiation field returns to its normal class. The radiation can be increased or decreased by 1 level plus the power score modifier . Note that the mutant is not immune to the effects of the radiation, only able to control the intensity of it. It is possible for the mutant to completely negate low-level radiation as long as it concentrates on maintaining the field.

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