Mental Mutation: Entopy Field

Chris Van Deelen

Entropy Field

Type: Mental

Frequency: Rare

Power Score: Yes

Range: 10 plus twice the power score in feet, centered on the mutant. 

Duration: Power score in rounds

AI Recognition: None

Damage: See description

Uses:  One plus power score modifier times per 24 hours.    

The mutant is fully capable of generating a powerful field of entropic energy and chaos. This field has numerous possible effects, and none of them are good. Items or beings caught in the field are allowed a saving throw versus energy to avoid any possible effects. Roll on the following chart to see what the potential effects are. This mutation can only be used once per day. Note that some of the effects will only work on technology, while others will only work on organic beings. Re-roll any inappropriate effects.


Entropy Field Table




Suffer 4d12 plus four times the power score modifier points of damage. This will apply to organic beings as well as robots and other similar items.


Choose 1 random statistic and suffer 1d6 plus the power score modifier points of loss. This is not permanent and will come back at the targets natural healing rate per day. If any statistic except Constitution drops below zero, the target is in a coma until it returns to at least 1 point. If Constitution is reduced to zero, the target dies.


Item is destroyed, reduced to component atoms as if it had been subjected to hundreds of thousands of years in the span of an instant.


Item suffers 1d2 plus power score modifier condition levels of damage


Item discharges or begins to work uncontrollably. If this is a weapon or an explosive, the results could be devastating.


If the item is a power source, or contains a power source, the energy is released harmlessly, draining the item completely. The powers source cannot be recharged and must be discarded.


A dormant disease (randomly determined) awakens and the target immediately suffers any possible effects.


Target suffers brain damage or corrupt sectors in their memory. Lose 1d6x250 experience points. If the target is not a PC then the target will lose 1d6 plus the power score modifier points of Will Power or Intelligence. Same rules apply as above for possible effects, and the loss is regained much slower, at the natural healing rate once per week. Lost memories typically cannot be retrieved, unless the ML has included the appropriate technology into their campaign.


A randomly chosen mutation or technological-based power ceases to function for 1d6 times the power score modifier in hours, or randomly activates during this period of time at the most inopportune time possible.


Power devices short out, suffering 1d2 plus the power score modifier points of condition damage, and shoot out arcs to the nearest 1d4 targets within 30 feet, causing 3d6 plus three times the power score modifier points of electrical damage.

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