Mental Mutation Drawback: Acute Anxiety Attacks

Chris Van Deelen

Acute Anxiety Attacks (drawback)

Type: Mental

Frequency: Very common

Power Score: Yes

Range: Personal

Duration: 1d12 plus power score modifier turns.

AI Recognition: None

Damage: None

Uses: Constant

The effects will vary each time the saving throw fails, so roll on the following chart to see what happens.

Acute Anxiety Attack Table


Type of attack




The mutant becomes heavily fatigued for the duration of the attack.



The mutant’s extremities become numb. This makes it impossible for the mutant to hold any items, its movement rate is cut in half, and any natural attacks suffer a penalty of three plus the power score modifier.



The anxiety causes the mutant’s heart to race painfully and distractingly fast. The mutant suffers -1 plus the power score modifier to all rolls.



The mutant is under the effects of the incite fear mutation.


Shortness of breath

Whenever the mutant exerts itself (such as running or fighting), it must make a saving throw versus death. Failure indicates they fall unconscious for the duration of the attack.



Copious amounts of sweat break out on the mutant, making it difficult for it to hold onto anything properly. All to hit rolls suffer a penalty of -1 plus the power score modifier. If a natural 1-5 is rolled on any held weapons, they are dropped.


Whenever the mutant is subjected to stress, even minor stress, the mutant must save versus death or undergo an anxiety attack. Causes of stress are things such as combat, seeing a friend injured, a failed saving throw, witnessing something horrible, being scared, and so on. The details are left up to the ML to decide.

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