Mental Mutation: Astral Projection

Chris Van Deelen

Astral Projection

Type: Mental

Frequency: Rare

Power Score: Yes

Range: Power score in miles

Duration: Twice the power score in turns

AI Recognition: None

Damage: None

Uses: One plus the power score modifier times every 48 hours.

The mutant is able to leave its physical body behind and travel unseen, quite literally a being constructed entirely of energy – or some would say spirit.  While the mutant is outside the body, its body remains on the physical plane, but it is comatose and nothing can revive it. The body has to be well hidden or protected as anything could kill it.

The mutant is completely invisible to all visual spectrums. The only way the mutant can be detected is by mutants or sensors which detect energy As the mutant is in its astral form, it can travel through any solid objects and it can use any mental mutations it possesses but it cannot bring any equipment (including clothing) or weapons and it is incapable of using any physical mutations, although the mutant appears exactly as it does on the physical plane.

The form also travels at the speed of thought, and it has a movement rate of 1200’ (300’) per round. The only thing that can stop an astral form is a force field. The form however does not need oxygen and can freely move through the earth, stone, concrete, metal and so forth. This does not mean that the form is invulnerable however. It can be affected by mental and energy attacks.

The form has full visual and audible senses, and can detect odors and the like, but even if it is subjected to toxic substances such as poison gas and similar substances it will not be harmed by the exposure with one exception – the mutant is vulnerable to radiation and can take damage if exposed, but due to the mutant using an astral form, it cannot gain mutations (unless its physical body is exposed as well).

The form can engage in combat on the astral plane if it encounters another creature or being capable of this mutation. When this happens the creature is able to use all its gear, weapons and mutations as if it was on the physical plane. Any wounds sustained while in astral form will appear on the mutant’s body, and if anyone is paying attention, the mutant can be healed, which will automatically heal the astral form. It should be noted – if the astral form is killed, the body dies instantly. One final thing of note – if the astral form encounters the energy suppression field mutation, it is automatically forced back into its body. The mutant must then make a saving throw versus energy or suffer 6d6 points of damage from the sudden shock and trauma.

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