Physical Mutation: Complete Wing Development

Chris Van Deelen

Complete Wing Development

Type: Physical, plant

Frequency: Common

Power Score: Yes

Range: Personal

Duration: Permanent

AI Recognition: +3

Damage: Can be used to strike in combat. Damage is based on creature size plus Strength modifier, plus Power Score modifier (negatives will count!) Only exception is the bone wings, see description.

Uses: Constant

Complete wing table





Complete Wings

The mutant has developed a complete set of bird-like wings. With these wings the mutant can fly with a movement of 150’ (50’). The mutant may fly while carrying a load equal to their light load capacity.



The mutant has very large wings that allow flight over long distances. The mutant can fly 500 miles without resting along the way, but require a good night’s rest after landing. The mutant also needs a wide-open space to both take off and land.  Although similar to gliding flaps listed under Aberrant form: (Xenomorphism), they are different and have different game effects.



The mutant has two pairs of wings that allow it to fly nearly twice as fast 240’ (80’) as those with bird-like wings. The wings however, are fragile and easily break. But they also heal, unlike true insect wings. Any attack from behind the mutant has a 50% change of rendering the wings useless for 30 days minus the power score. The mutant cannot use these wings in combat without risk of damage to them.



The mutant has a thick covering that protects the wings. This can be almost anything from actual bone or cartilage to thick, leather-like skin flaps. When the mutant uses the wings. The Elytra opens up and reveals the thinner, more delicate wings beneath. Treat as Dragonfly wings but unless the mutant is in flight, there is no chance that the wings might be damaged. The case also provides a bonus of -2 to the mutant’s AC when attacked from the rear.  



The mutant’s wings are actual extensions of the skeletal structure. They are heavy and very tough, with a fine but strong interlacing structure of bone between the main structures, allowing the mutant to fly. Due to the structure of the wings, the mutant gains a -2 to its AC when dealing with attacks from the rear. Also when the mutant attacks with the wings, they gain a bonus to damage equal to 2 times the power score modifier (always minimum of 2 points). These wings, due to the heavy structure, allow the mutant a flight speed of only 90’ (30’)


Player chooses

The player chooses the type of wings it gains.


The mutant has developed wings. Roll on the chart above for the type of wings.

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