Mental Mutation: Aggravate Wounds

Chris Van Deelen

Aggravate Wounds

Type: Mental

Frequency: Uncommon

Power Score: Yes

Range: Line of sight

Duration: 1d4 plus power score modifier rounds

AI Recognition: None

Damage: 2d4 plus the power score modifier damage per existing wound!

Uses: Four plus power score modifier every 24 hours.


If the mutant succeeds with a mental attack, it is capable of causing existing wounds to spread, open, become infected, and so forth. The target must already have a wound of some sort for this to work. The mutation causes sickly-green energy to envelope each wound on the creature, and they must make a saving throw versus stun or be struck by debilitating pain which will paralyze the victim for a short period of time. Oddly enough it can only be used once on any particular wound, or series of wounds on a creature. The only time it can be used on the same creature is if it has taken additional wounds.

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