Physical Mutation: Absorb Disease

Chris Van Deelen

Absorb Disease

Type: Physical

Frequency: Uncommon

Power Score: Yes

Range: Personal

Duration: Power Score divided by two (round to nearest) in days.

AI Recognition: None

Damage: See description

Uses: See description

Whenever the mutant is exposed to a disease and makes the save, the mutant is capable of incorporating a portion of the disease into its own genetic structure for a limited time. If the saving throw fails, they are affected by the disease and cannot make use of this mutation. The end result is that the mutant becomes a ‘carrier’ of the disease, and is immune to it while the mutation is in effect. They can spread the disease through touch or through contact using a natural weapon. While the mutant is a carrier, any target it comes into contact will suffer penalty equal to the power score modifier (negatives will count!) to their saving throw versus poison.

As a very strange side effect of this mutation, when the mutant is infected instead of losing statistic points to damage, the mutant in fact gains the statistic damage. For example, a disease that would normally cause 1d3 points of damage to the mutant’s Dexterity instead gains 1d3 points while the mutation is in effect.  And, instead of taking hit point damage, the mutant will instead heal that damage every day.

Once the mutation’s duration has come to an end, the disease is purged from the mutant’s genetic code and the mutant is no longer a carrier. All bonuses to Statistics and hit points are instantly lost.

The mutant can only have one active disease at a time. If the mutant is subjected to additional diseases before the duration of this mutation has passed, nothing else happens, unless if the mutant fails the saving throw, at which time it is affected by the new disease. Even if this happens, the mutant will still be able to pass on the other disease, and the ML will need to determine if the mutant is also capable of spreading the new disease!

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