Physical Mutation Drawback: Hyper Necrosis

Chris Van Deelen

Hyper Necrosis (drawback)

Type: Physical

Frequency: Rare

Power Score: Yes

Range: Personal

Duration: Permanent

AI Recognition: +3

Damage: None

Uses: Constant

The mutant’s suffers from a condition which causes the epidermal layer to be constantly dying and decaying.  The only reason the mutant has not perished from the condition is the mutant automatically gains the regenerative capability (basic). This keeps the mutant alive. The mutant suffers from the condition however, and there are many terrible and debilitating side effects. First the mutant is in constant low-level pain. Secondly, the mutant can often be mistaken for the walking dead. This can lead to all manner of misunderstandings, including a penalty equal to two plus the power score modifier.

The mutant also suffers three plus the power score modifier permanent loss to Charisma. Any creature trying to track the mutant will gain a +5 due to the stench of decay surrounding the mutant, and the bits of flesh left behind as the epidermal layer decays.

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