Physical Mutation: Attraction & Repulsion Force

Chris Van Deelen

Attraction and Repulsion Force

Type: Physical

Frequency: Uncommon

Power Score:  Yes

Range:  five times the power score

Duration: 1 minute per power score point, or instant (in the case of hurling objects)

AI Recognition: None

Damage:  1d4 plus power score modifier

Uses: Constant

Attraction and Repulsion force type table


Material Composition






Composites (glassteel, Duralloy, etc.)




Fiber (wood, plant fiber, etc.)


Heavy Metals (iron, steel, platinum, etc.)








Silicon (glass)


Soft Metals (lead, gold, etc)




Roll 2 types of material (re-rolling identical results or this and the following result)


Roll 1d+2 types of material (re-rolling identical results or this and the previous result)


The mutant can produce a force which will affect a specified substance. This can be used to pull or repel the substance. Roll on the chart above. The power score determines the strength equivalent on being able to move a particular object.

If the mutant so desires, he can use this mutation to forcibly snatch an object from a target. This will first require a successful ranged attack. If the target is unaware, the object can be removed. If the target is aware, it can attempt to prevent the mutant from taking the object away from him. This will require Strength versus Strength check (with the power score of this mutation filling in for the mutant’s Strength statistic). If the mutant using this ability wins, then he can take the object away from the target.

This mutation can also be used to ‘hurl’ objects made of the particular substance as if they were primitive missile weapons. The range is based on five times the power score in feet for up to half the power score in pounds, and the damage done is 1d4 plus the power score modifier (negatives will detract from this total).  This ability can be used against a target as well, using the same strength. Anyone struck by the attack must make a strength versus strength check or be pushed back a number of feet equal to the power score, with a minimum of five feet pushed back.

The mutant can use this ability at will, and it works only inanimate objects. The target cannot be alive.

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