Physical Mutation: Defensive Toxic Cyst

Chris Van Deelen

Defensive Toxic Cysts

Type: Physical

Frequency:  Uncommon

Power Score: Yes

Range: Personal

Duration: Power score divided by two in days.

AI Recognition: +1

Damage: See description

Uses: 1 cyst for every 3 points of Power Score

The mutant’s body has developed a unique and powerful method when dealing with poisons, toxins and diseases.  Whenever the mutant encounters these substances, the mutant’s white blood cells adhere to the toxin and carry it away to the surface of the skin. Here it is contained in a special ‘cyst’ that can safely dispose of the toxin by explosively expelling it, or the mutant can use it at a future time as a weapon.

It should be noted the toxins can be almost any type of toxic matter, as long as it is not acid or radiation. The mutant’s body cannot use this defense against such substances. Furthermore, the strength of the toxic attack does not matter. The mutant can have a cyst filled with a class one poison, while another could be filled with a class 10, while another could be a bio-agent which causes 15 dice damage.

Once the maximum number of cysts have been reached, any additional toxic attacks the mutant is subjected to will affect it, as the body has reached its defensive limit. If the mutant chooses to voluntarily burst one of the cysts, the toxins contained within will have a range of the power score in feet (rounded to the nearest five, always a minimum of five feet away), and if it is used as a weapon, the mutant must make a successful ranged attack, otherwise the toxin misses and is used up harmlessly.

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