Mental Mutation: Analyze Structural Integrity

Chris Van Deelen

Analyze Structural Integrity

Type: Mental

Frequency: Common

Power Score: Yes

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent

AI Recognition: None

Damage: None

Uses: See description


By making physical contact with an object the mutant gains instinctual knowledge of the objects weakest points. This can be achieved after the mutant has physically interacted with another being or object, such as hitting it with a natural attack or simply by laying its hand or other appendage on the subject. It also works if the subject in question has physically touched the mutant. This translates into 1d8 plus power score modifier additional damage against any living target, or 1d8 plus the power score modifier per dice damage against robotic units or the like. Finally if the mutant so chooses, it can destroy any artifact it comes into contact with, or it will gain 30 plus 10% per power score modifier to repairing artifacts. This can also be used to allow the mutant to smash regular objects, such as the lock on a door. The possibilities are up to the ML.

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