Mental Mutation Drawback: Acute Dyslexia

Chris Van Deelen

Acute Dyslexia (drawback)

Type: Mental

Frequency: Very common

Power Score: Yes

Range: Personal

Duration: Permanent

AI Recognition: None

Damage: None

Uses: Constant

Dyslexia was a minor issue before the final wars, and due to advances in genetic engineering, it has been all but eradicated. Due to the radiation and toxins unleashed in the hellish years of the final wars, the genetic defect made resurgence. It is so bad in the mutant the creature can never learn how to read or write and as such can only communicate verbally (or mentally if the mutant possesses neural telepathy or other such mutations). The mutant Also suffers a penalty equal to the Power Score of this mutation to all rolls when trying to figure out artifacts such as computers or other devices which would require the ability to read.

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