Physical Mutation: Defensive Mutation Activation

Chris Van Deelen

Defensive Mutation Activation

Type: Physical, Plant

Frequency:  Very common

Power Score: Yes

Range: Personal

Duration: Instant 

AI Recognition: None

Damage: None

Uses: Constant

This mutation cannot be consciously activated.  Whenever a mutant is hit by a surprise attack, it automatically activates the most useful physical mutation that the mutant possesses in self defense - if any, otherwise this mutation is either dormant or re-roll. For example, a mutant with this mutation also possesses the optic emissions mutation. The mutant is surprised by a creature and it is hit by a bite attack. Before the mutant can react, this mutation automatically activates the optic emissions attack, and has a chance of hitting the attacker. After this has been resolved, then the combat can begin as normal. Oddly enough, any attack requiring a roll will receive a one-time bonus equal to the power score modifier.

If the mutant possesses multiple mutations that could be used, then this mutation will activate one additional mutation for each Power Score modifier. For example, the mutant has a power score of 14, and as such has a modifier of +2. If the mutant possesses two mutations which could be activated, then they are both activated. If the mutant does not have a high enough Power Score, then ML will decide which is the best to be used in the case of the surprise attack.

Also, this mutation will activate the most powerful or useful mutation the mutant possesses even if it has only limited uses per day or week and these ‘charges’ have already been expended, otherwise the charges are used up.

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