Physical Mutation: Circulatory Control

Chris Van Deelen

Circulatory Control

Type: Physical

Frequency: Very Common

Power Score: Yes

Range: Personal

Duration: Permanent

AI Recognition: None

Damage: None

Uses: Constant

The mutant is able to consciously control their circulatory system. This means the mutant is immune to any bleeding damage which could occur from various weapons and mutations. This also gives the mutant the ability to forcibly remove poisons and toxins from their blood. By concentrating for 1 round, the mutant is allowed to make a second saving throw (if one was required), with a bonus equal to 3 plus the power score modifier  to ‘rid’ themselves of a toxin or poison. If this is successful, then the mutant will not suffer any damage from the attack. Even if the save fails, the mutant will still take the power score modifier  points of damage less per dice. For example, a mutant fails their saving throw twice against class 7 poison and has a power score modifier of 2. The mutant takes 14 points less damage (7 x 2) from the attack.

The mutation also allows drugs and other chemicals to be purged from the body without harm to the mutant, if they so desire.

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