Physical Mutation: Advanced Precision

Chris Van Deelen

Advanced Precision

Type: Physical

Frequency: Uncommon

Power Score: Yes

Range: Personal

Duration: Permanent

AI Recognition: None

Damage: 2d6 plus power score modifier with any weapon or attack (excludes mental mutations)

Uses: Constant

The mutant is able to intuitively judge any weakness in structures, opponents, or objects by simply studying them for one combat round.  The mutant then gains one plus the power score modifier to hit with all attacks (including mental). The mutant also gains a +10% plus 5% per power score modifier bonus to figuring out artifacts. If the ML is using the optional critical hit rules, the chance of obtaining a critical hit is reduced by 1 for every two power score modifiers. For example, a creature has a power score of 20. The modifier is +4. So the chance to strike a natural critical is now 18-20 (instead of a natural 20).

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