Mental Mutation: Ancestral Form

Chris Van Deelen

Ancestral Form

Type: Mental

Frequency: Rare

Power Score: Yes

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent

AI Recognition: None

Damage: None

Uses: See description

This mutation can reduce an opponent’s mutational capabilities, eventually removing all forms of mutation and returning it to its original, unadulterated form. The mutant must first make an initial mental attack. If the attack succeeds, then on each round afterwards, the target has one mutation removed permanently (randomly determined). The number of mutations removed are equal to 3 plus the power score modifier.

Rarely (half the power score +5%), this power allows a powerful mutant to regress a pure specimen further down the evolutionary line, to a previous stage of its evolution. For example, a pure human might become a dimmer-witted Homo erectus, and onward. For game purposes, the means the target will suffer a negative to Intelligence, Charisma and Will Power equal to 3 plus the power score modifier. The target will also take on a more savage appearance, resulting in a negative to all reaction rolls with members of their former species equal to 1 plus the power score modifier.  On the other hand, the resulting devolution will end up giving the victim a bonus of 3 plus the power score modifier to their Strength and Constitution score.

This attack may only be attempted for the duration of one encounter, whether it succeeds or not, and cannot be used again for 7 days minus the power score modifier (never less than one day and negatives will increase the time that the mutant must wait to use the mutation!)  This attack, even though it is mental, requires physical contact, and then the mental attack may be used.  

On the other hand, this mutation can be used to reverse the effects! Anyone affected by the mutation, using the same rules provided, return the mutant back to its original form!

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