Mental Mutation: Animate Matter

Chris Van Deelen

Animate Matter

Type: Mental

Frequency: Rare

Power Score: Yes

Range: 50 plus four times the power score in feet

Duration: Power score in minutes or turns – see description

AI Recognition: None

Damage: None

Uses: One plus the power score modifier per day

Animate matter table

Power Score





The mutant is able to move matter by causing it to either sprout small appendages similar to legs, or using such appendages. It can cause matter that weighs up to the power score in pounds to move. The movement rate is equal to two times power score per round.



The mutant is able to manipulate the matter at a molecular level, causing it to flow and assume new shapes. It can use this ability to literally mould matter around a targets feet, limbs etc. Treat this as a grapple check. The strength of the grapple is equal to the power score. Any targets entangled will not be able to move until they break free (requiring a successful grapple check). This can only be used to trap a target and prevent it from moving. It cannot be used to harm the target in any manner.  Depending on the type of matter being used, the target may suffer a negative to the grapple check. See the following chart.


Squeeze or Bash

The mutant is able to animate matter in such a way that it can lash out at any target within the power score in feet. This attack can be used once per round and uses the mutant’s melee attack score. The damage inflicted is based upon the type of matter (see below) plus the power score modifier. Negative power score modifiers will detract from the damage inflicted!



The mutant is able to use the matter to cover its own body. It gains a bonus to its armor class based upon the type of matter being used. See the chart below. This armor will last for a number of rounds equal to the power score.



The mutant is able to enhance any non-powered matter in such a way that it will increase the damage done or the protection provided. For example, a mutant has a power score of 16 (modifier of +2) and decides that it wants to increase the damage that a short sword will do (it normally does 1d6). By re-arranging the matter at a molecular level, the mutant is able to radically increase the damage the weapon does. This increases the damage to 1d12 (two steps, from 1d6 to 1d8 to 1d12).  At the same time the mutant is able to enhance the armor class by two points per power score. For example chainmail has an AC of 5; the mutant could increase the armor class of the chainmail to 1 by using this mutation. 



The mutant is able to cause matter to into a small creature that it can use to attack or defend on its behalf. The animated creature will have a number of hit dice equal to half the power score (the hit point dice will be determined by the composition of the matter) and an armor class of 8, which is then modified by the material it is composed of.  It will be able to make one attack for every six points (round up) of the mutant’s power score per turn, doing damage based on the composition plus the power score modifier per attack. The mutant can control a number of these animated creatures equal to the power score modifier. They will be under the control of the mutant for a number of turns equal to that of the power score. Once the time has elapsed, the matter will return to its normal state. Finally, the animated creature will have a movement rate of 90’ (30’).


Animate matter information table


Damage / Hit Dice

Grapple Bonus

Armor Class









High-Tech Alloy

















This mutation works exactly the same as animate plants, but only works in inanimate objects or material. It will not work on any powered material or robotic matter. Again like animate plant matter, the mutant can manipulate matter in varying ways, depending on the power score of the mutation.

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