Physical Mutation: Alter Genetic Code

Chris Van Deelen

Alter Genetic Code

Type: Physical, plant

Frequency: Rare

Power Score: Yes

Range: Touch

Duration: Half the power score in turns or half the power score in days.

AI Recognition: None

Damage: None

Uses: One plus the power score modifier times per week.

By physically interacting with another living creature, the mutant is capable of altering the genetic code of another individual. This can be used two ways. First it can increase or decrease any statistic of the target by 1d6 plus the power score modifier. If it is used to reduce a statistic, the target is allowed a saving throw versus poison. The change to the statistic will take place in 20 minus the power score in rounds, and will last for turns.

The second use of this mutation is it allows the mutant to alter the targets genetic code so the target gains a mutation possessed by the mutant touching it. The creature is allowed a saving throw versus poison (if they do not want to be mutated!). The mutation will develop 10 days minus the power score modifier (a negative will add to the length), and once it has developed, the mutation will last a number of days equal to half the power score. If the mutation has a power score, it will be the same as the mutant giving the target. Pure humans and non-organic creatures (such as robots or androids) are immune to this mutation.


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