Plant Mutation: Dazzling Display

Chris Van Deelen

Dazzling Display

Type: Plant

Frequency: Common

Power Score: Yes

Range: 75 plus three times the power score in feet.

Duration: See description

AI Recognition: None

Damage: None

Uses: Constant


The mutant plant has cells within its bark and leaves that can create complex color changes. This can be used for communication, but mostly is a visual version of fragrance development (plants). Anyone viewing the display must make a saving throw versus energy with a penalty equal to the power score modifier or be under the influence of the plant in the same manner as fragrance development. Those under the influence are allowed a new saving throw with a cumulative bonus of one every minute to break the control of the plant. Typically when not used in this manner, most non-plants cannot decipher the communication signals sent between plants. The plant can turn off this display at will.

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