Plant Mutation Drawback: Overgrowth

Chris Van Deelen

Overgrowth (drawback)

Type: Plant

Frequency: Uncommon

Power Score: No

Range: Personal

Duration: Permanent

AI Recognition: None

Damage: None

Uses: Constant


The plant has an ancestor that was engineered to grow very fast. Unfortunately the extra growth is actually a burden for mobile plants. For a humanoid-sized plant, it adds an additional pound plus power score modifier per day and if this growth isn't trimmed, it starts affecting the plants movement rate and encumbrance in a matter of days. One side benefit to this mutation is that the plants natural healing rate is doubled,  plus the power score modifier. Any natural healing done by the plant will not contribute extra weight; only if the plant was un-injured will it suffer from the weight gain. Trimming the excess weight will not harm the plant, and depending on the ML, could actually be used as food for other creatures. Also the plant must either root 150% + 25% per power point modifier longer than normal or consume 100% plus 15% per power point modifier amount of food it would usually need to survive.

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