Mental Mutation: Mental Ability Reduction (temporary) (Drawback)

Chris Van Deelen

Type:  Mental, Plant

Frequency: Very common

Power Score: Yes

Range: Personal

Duration: Minimum of 24 hours

AI Recognition: None

Damage: None

Uses: Once every three days

Ability Reduction table


Statistic Lost




Will Power




Roll twice on this table, ignoring this result if it is rolled again. In the case of rolling the same statistic twice, either re-roll once again until a different statistic is rolled, or double the amount lost from that statistic.  


The mutant’s physiology changes almost on a day to day basis, and as a result, one or more of the mutant’s statistics will be temporarily reduced.  Once every three days the mutant must make a saving throw versus death or lose 1d3 plus the power score modifier from a randomly chosen statistic. This is not permanent, and the lost statistic will return at a rate equal to the mutant’s natural healing rate per day, but only after 24 hours has passed.

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