Plant Mutation: Adhesive Sap

Chris Van Deelen

Adhesive Sap

Type: Plant

Frequency: Uncommon

Power Score: Yes

Range: Power score in feet

Duration: Permanent

AI Recognition: None

Damage: None

Uses: Constitution score, see description.


The mutated plant can spray its sap, which acts as a superglue. The plant can use this attack a number of times per day equal to its constitution score. Using the mutation after it has surpassed this total will cause the mutant 3d6 plus three time the power score modifier damage. It regains the sap at a rate equal to the plants normal healing rate, plus the power score modifier of this mutation. Anything attacked must save versus energy attacks or be covered in this sap. To forcibly remove an object like a weapon, the victim must make a save versus poison and if successful, takes 2d4 plus twice the power score modifier damage. Helmets and armor are special cases that inflict more damage, causing 2d10 plus twice the power score modifier and may at the ML’s discretion, cause scarring that will give the creature negatives to its charisma score in certain situations.

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