Physical Mutation: Alter Natural Weapon

Chris Van Deelen

Alter Natural Weapons

Type: Physical

Frequency: Uncommon

Power Score: Yes

Range: Touch

Duration: 1/4 the power score in hours (rounded to nearest)

AI Recognition: +1

Damage: None

Uses: Two plus power score modifier times per day.

Alter natural weapons table

Power Score




Enhanced damage

The damage is increased by one plus the power score modifier.


Increase Size

The mutant can create a larger natural weapon than is normally found on a creature its size. It can use the next category size for damage. For example, a humanoid mutant creates claws, which do 1d6. With this option the mutant can use the claws as if he was a large creature, doing 1d8 damage.


Ease of use

The creature gains a one plus the power score modifier to hit when using the ranged weapon.


Extra modification

The mutant can add an additional modification to any natural weapon, even if it already has one.


This mutation allows the mutant to enhance or otherwise alter the natural weapons it or another creature possesses. The mutant can also do the reverse, downgrading a natural weapon of a creature, imposing penalties instead of the listed bonuses. This is always considered a physical attack against targets which are unwilling to have their mutations changed. If the attack succeeds, then the target is allowed a saving throw versus death with a penalty equal to the power score modifier to resist.  The effects are based purely upon the power score of the mutation and are described in the above chart. Note only one type of alteration may be made at any time, with one exception (see table).

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