Physical Mutation: Defensive Regurgitation

Chris Van Deelen

Defensive Regurgitation

Type: Physical

Frequency:  Uncommon

Power Score: Yes

Range: 2 times the power score (round to nearest 5 feet).

Duration: 4d4 hours

AI Recognition: None

Damage: See description

Uses: Power score modifier times per day (minimum of once)

The mutant’s digestive tract has changed in such a way that it allows the mutant to vomit a special defensive organic residue as a method of defense. The resulting pile of organic residue has a unique odor that causes every carnivorous or omnivorous creature near the mutant to save versus poison or be overwhelmed with a desired to eat the resulting offal. Creatures with increased senses (smell) suffer a -3 to the saving throw.

Anything that takes a bite of these organs finds that its mouth is glued shut for 4d4 hours. This also means that if the creature has a bite attack, it is incapable of using the attack until it has somehow cleared this residue out of its mouth. The victim can have the residue forcibly removed and suffers 2d6 damage as a result, and will take 2d6 rounds. Also, it can take the time to have the residue washed away with mild acid or alcohol (this takes 1d6 rounds) or it can wait for the residue to dissipate.

If the victim attempts to do anything other than remove the residue, the victim requires a save versus stun attacks to gain the needed concentration. Every 4 hours (including just after the bite), the victim must save versus poison or die of suffocation.  The mutant can use this defense a number of times a day equal to the power score modifier (minimum of 1).

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