Plant Mutation: Aberrant Form (Plant)

Chris Van Deelen

Aberrant Form (Plant)

Type: Plant

Frequency: Very common

Power Score: Yes

Range: Personal

Duration: Permanent

AI Recognition: None

Damage: None

Uses: Constant

Aberrant Form (Plant) Table


New Part



Enlarged Part

See description of enlarged parts under aberrant form.


Extra Parts

See description of extra parts under aberrant form.


Flattened Roots

The plant is capable of swimming. This is far quicker than its land movement and the swim speed is 50% plus 10% per power score modifier faster than its land speed.


Rad Bladder

The mutant plant has 1d4 plus power score modifier bladders (minimum of 0) that can hold items up to 1 pound and 1/4 gallon. These bladders are typically filled with a lead lined sap or fiber and are capable of holding radioactive material. The lead lining shields the plant from the detrimental effects of the radioactive material contained. In order to make use of this bladder, the mutant plant has to be exposed to a radioactive save. As long as the plant has at least one bladder that is un-used, any radioactive attack will be absorbed by it. If the plant has no empty bladders or if they are all full, the plant has to suffer from the attack. The bladders are detachable and the plant can use them as a grenade weapon if it so desires. Each bladder takes one week to re-grow.


Seed Cannon

The mutant plant has a specially evolved limb that can shoot its seeds long distances via water pressure. Using this mutation doubles the plant's water requirement and has a range of twice that of the power score in feet, and damage the damage is 1d4 plus one per power score modifier (negatives will detract!) The plant has three times its power score in usable seeds, and re-grows the seeds at the rate of its power score per day. Most of the time these seeds are sterile.


Smoke Absorbing Organ

Smoke has certain chemicals and residual organic material that boost plants growth. The mutant plant has a specially evolved organ that can filter out smoke of any sort (camp-fires, cooking fires, forest fires, etc.) and extract the chemicals and residual particles. It can then use these chemicals and particles to heal 1d4 plus power score modifiers per round that the plant remains enveloped by smoke.


Spongy Bark Oxygen Storage

Plants with spongy bark can "breathe" underwater. The maximum duration is 1d6 plus the power score modifier in hours.


Spongy Bark Water Storage

This allows for water storage. The plant can go for 3 plus the power score modifier in days without drinking.


Toxin Storing Burr

The plant has an obvious burr(s) that collects poison that the plant ingests (in one way or another). The plant has a number of burrs equal to the power score. Each burr will contain a dose of poison that the plant has been exposed to. Once all burrs have been filled, then the poison will affect the plant, but it will only suffer half (or a quarter if the save is made). The plant can choose to burst the burr, causing it to spray five feet plus five feet per power score modifier onto one target.   A successful to hit roll will be required. The burrs will heal at a rate of one per three points of power score per day.



The plant has flowers, bark or leaves of a color not seen in nature. People, including other plants, that view this become confused (25%), stand in awe until they starve to death (25%), go into a coma (25%) or become addicted to viewing the color (25%). In all cases a save versus death negates. Only one type of effect applies to the mutant's color.



Choose one of the above mutations.


This is the plant version of aberrant form. Consult the table above to see the type of mutation gained:

Mutation Index
Entertainment Mutant Index
New Mutant Monday Series One Index
New Mutant Monday Series Two Index

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