Physical Mutation Drawback: Hampered Wound Closure

Chris Van Deelen

Hampered Wound Closure (drawback)

Type: Physical

Frequency: Common

Power Score: Yes

Range: Personal

Duration: Permanent

AI Recognition: None

Damage: See description

Uses: Constant

The mutant does not heal properly whenever its flesh has been broken. This counts only with attacks that break the flesh, such as piercing or slashing attacks. The ML will have the final say in what will cause this effect.

When the mutant suffers from a wound which rends the flesh, this wound will heal slower than normal, only healing half the mutant’s natural healing rate per day, also the mutant is far more susceptible to infection and disease, and if the mutant is subjected to any disease or infection, it will suffer a negative to the saving throw equal to three plus the power score modifier, and any damage the mutant suffers from contracting a disease while under the influence of this mutation will be increased by the power score modifier. If the mutant suffers any wound which inflicts bleeding or continuous damage, the mutant suffers additional damage equal to one plus the power score modifier, and it takes twice as long to bind or close the wounds.

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