Plant Mutation: Animated Seeds

Chris Van Deelen

Animated Seeds

Type: Plant

Frequency: Very common

Power Score: Yes.

Range: Personal

Duration: Permanent

AI Recognition: None

Damage: None

Uses: See description


This mutation allows the seeds of a plant to maneuver away from the plant. The seeds can have their own plant mutations, but will grow up to have the same mutations as the adult plant which spawned them. Typically the seeds will have a movement rate equal to a quarter of the adult plant. In the case of plants with no movement rate, the seeds have a method of locomotion which will grant them a movement rate of 60’ (20’). For every power score modifier the seed will possess either a new, randomly determined mutation – which it will lose once it reaches adulthood, or one of its parent plants mutations. Each side likewise has a number of hit-points equal to 25% of the power score, rounded to nearest. Typically the plant will spawn seeds during the spring, and the number of seeds can be calculated by taking the plants hit dice or Constitution score and multiplying it by the power score modifier. This is the number of seeds it has each year to use. Optionally the plant can produce seeds yearly, and send them away at its leisure. The plant will regrow seeds at its natural healing rate plus power score modifier per week.

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