Physical Mutation: Asexual

Chris Van Deelen


Type: Physical, plant

Frequency: Common

Power Score:  No

Range:  Personal

Duration: Permanent

AI Recognition: None or +1 (see description)

Damage:  None

Uses: Special

The mutant can reproduce without mating. The mutant can still appear to be either male or female, and can even have the appropriate sexual reproductive organs, which are likewise fully functional, if the mutant so desires. Once a year the mutant can produce a bud on its body that will grow into a perfect copy of its parent, just in infant form. Note that many species which appear female will simply gestate the infant inside their uterus, but again do not require sex in order to create an offspring. If the creature produces a bud, the creature gains a +1 on AI recognition. This typically takes nine months, but can take longer or shorter, depending on the species, as determined by the ML.

Some mutants with this ability are able to alter the sex of its child as well as make minor cosmetic changes, such as skin color tone, eye and hair color, etc. Otherwise, the offspring will have the same mutations and statistics as the parent, when it reaches adulthood. The mutant is still able to reproduce through conventional methods, if it wishes.

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