Dead Space Conversion Collection

Chris Van Deelen

The catch-all index for all my Dead Space conversions, including the weapons and armor.

Dead Space Necromorphs AKA Xeno Necros

Ambusher Xeno-necro
Attack Pod Xeno-necro
Blink Xeno-necro
Burster Xeno-necro
Carrier Xeno-necro
Contaminator Xeno-necro
Creeping Cranium Xeno-necro
Desecrator Xeno-necro

Gorgon Xeno-necro
Grower Xeno-necro
Hoard Xeno-necro
Intellect Xeno-necro
Jugger Xeno-necro
Pouncer Xeno-necro
Predator Xeno-necro
Protector Xeno-necro

Regurger Xeno-necro
Skulker Xeno-necro
Slicer Xeno-necro
Splitter Xeno-necro
Squirmer Xeno-necro
Thinner Xeno-necro
Tripled Xeno-necro
Twisted Xeno-necro
User Xeno-necro
Vomitter Xeno-necro


Advanced Agility Engineering Suits
Archaeologists Environmental Suits
Earthgov Flight Suits
EDF Advanced Soldier Armour
Engineering Suits
Hacker Suits
Miner Reinforced Armor
Obsidian Class Engineering Armor
Scorpion Class Engineering Suits
Security Suits
Witness Armor
Zealot Class Armor



Broadbow Arc Cutter
Hand-held Graviton Accelerator
Hand-Held Ore Cutter Line Gun

Infected Purifier
PFM Series Hydrazine Handheld Torch Flamethrower
Plasma CutterSchofield Tools Arc Welder
Tesla Enervator Series Rifle
V101 Core Extractor


Black and Decker Rock Saw
Frostbite Monofilament Chainsaw
Gamble Industries Medical Cutter
SH-B1 Plasma Saw


Codecow Submachine Gun
DT Survey Charge Launcher

EG Series SMG
Evangelizer AL Assault Rifle
Kendra Divet Auto-Pistol
RC-DS Remote Control Buzz Saw Disk Ripper
Remington Bolas Game Hunter Rifle
Remington EL1 El Rapido
SCAF Shotgun
Seeker Rifle
SWS Bullpup Configuration Assault Rifle
SWS Motorized Heavy Pulse Rifle
SWS Motorized Pulse Rifle
TT MarkCL Rivet Gun
TT Telemetric Survey Tool

Starfinder Creature Index

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