Starfinder: Termination Knife

Chris Van Deelen

Termination Knife








Termination Knife



2d8 P

Bleed 2d4


See description


Created by taking a standard-issue combat knife and infusing it with a battery and a powerful EMP generator, this blade is intended to kill Terminators. It can still be used as a regular knife, although if it is used to destroy a terminator, it too is destroyed in the process.

In order for it to be used for its intended purpose against a terminator, the user must make a successful  stealth check and come up from behind the terminator. Then the user must make a successful melee attack roll. If both are met, the Terminator is allowed a Fort Save (DC 25). If it fails, the Terminator is instantly destroyed as the EMP fries the unit’s CPU. Even if the save succeeds, the Terminator suffers triple damage and is stunned for 1d4 rounds while the unit reboots. Note that this will only work on the humanoid versions of Skynet’s units, including the infiltration units, but Skynet has designed newer units, such as the T-900, to be immune to the effects of this weapon.

If used against a non-terminator unit, it is treated as a standard knife.

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