Starfinder: T-1000 Polymorphic Terminator

Chris Van Deelen

T-1000 Polymorphic Terminator Combatant CR 8 XP 4,800

Neutral medium construct

Init +10; Senses: Darkvision 60 ft., lowlight vision 60 ft.; Perception +16


Defense                                                             HP 125

EAC: 20; KAC: 22

Fort: +8; Ref: +8; Will: +5

Defensive Abilities: Regeneration; Immunities: construct, immune to blunt, slash and piercing, unliving

Weakness: Cold vulnerability



Speed: 60 ft.

Melee: Two melee attacks +15 (3d6+13 B, S, or P)

Ranged: By weapon type +19 (By weapon type)

Space: 5 ft., Reach: 15 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Detailed anatomy files, morphic weaponry



Str +5; Dex +6; Con -; Int +1; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Athletics +16, bluff +16, disguise +41, intimidate +16, stealth +41

Feats: Cleave, deadly aim, improved initiative, shot on the run

Other Abilities: Fluid form

Languages: Common



Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary


Special Abilities

Cold Vulnerability (Ex): Due to the Nanite swarm the Terminator is constructed of, the T-1000 is vulnerable to cold. It suffers a -2 to any save against cold-based attacks, and for every 10 points of cold damage the T-1000 sustains; it suffers a -10 ft. to its land speed. Once the T-1000 has received a cumulative 50 points or more damage, it is considered to be staggered. If it takes more than 50 points of damage from a single attack, the T-1000 is temporarily frozen (no save) and cannot move for 2d6 rounds. As the T-1000 regenerates, the penalties incurred from cold damage will disappear.

Detailed anatomy files (Ex): The T-1000 has detailed files of humanoid anatomy. As a result, it automatically gains a damage bonus equal to half the Terminators CR rating (rounded down). Also anytime the T-1000 gains a critical hit, any DC save increases by +2.

Fluid Form (Ex): The T-1000 is composed of a swarm of Nanites. As a result the T-1000 is able to completely conceal itself in any type of environment, gaining a +20 to stealth. Furthermore, the T-1000 can morph its body to take on the appearance of any being it has had physical contact with, becoming a perfect replica of that individual, gaining a +20 to disguise checks. Changing shape or hiding is a standard action. Finally it is impossible for the T-1000 to be grappled, and it can move through even the smallest opening, as long as it is no smaller than a quarter inch.

Morphic Weaponry (Ex): As a standard action, the T-1000 can morph one or both arms into any type of bludgeoning, piercing or slashing weapon. It takes a standard action for the T-1000 to reform a regular limb, or create a different type of weapon. When using this ability, the T-1000 has a reach of 15 feet.

Regeneration (Ex): The T-1000 is fully capable of regenerating damage it sustains, even from energy attacks, at the rate of 10 per round. This cannot be done indefinitely though, as it can only regenerate a maximum of 250 points of damage before it needs to replenish the nanites that make up its body.


Skynet created the T-1000 as an experiment. Having discovered lost research on Nanotechnology, the AI realized just how powerful such a weapon could be in its fight against the resistance. The downside to this new type of Terminator is how time-consuming and how much of a resource hog the unit really was. It could build over 200 regular terminator units in the time it took to create a single T-1000, which made more sense to Skynet.

However, the T-1000 proved to be so powerful and such a major success in its war against the resistance, the unit was sent after high-value targets. Also, Skynet had only managed to create a handful of T-1000 units before the resistance smashed Skynet’s defense grid and had the AI on the ropes.

Those units which had already been deployed found infiltrating resistance cells and bases incredibly easy, and thanks to their ability to take on the physical form of anyone they had encountered, a single T-1000 could, with little difficultly, destroy an entire cell or base on its own.

To make matters even worse, thanks to it being constructed purely of nanites, the T-1000 is completely immune to conventional physical weapons. It still takes damage from energy weapons, although it can regenerate damage it has sustained.

If the unit has one major weakness, it is cold. The nanites slow down and it can even be rendered inert for a short period of time if enough cold damage is inflicted to the unit. The only way to permanently destroy the T-1000 is to ‘melt’ it with extreme heat or acid, although energy will render the unit to a puddle of inert nanites if exposed to enough damage.

Like the previous Terminator units, the T-1000 is able to mimic human behavior, although it is far more adept at doing so. It can even imitate emotions and several of the first units were able to show a minor sense of humor and could be sarcastic, unlike its predecessors.

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