Starfinder: HK Silverfish

Chris Van Deelen

HK Silverfish Combatant CR 2 XP 600

Neutral small construct

Init +5; Senses: Darkvision 120 ft., lowlight vision 120 ft., vibration sense 100 ft.; Perception +12


Defense                                                             HP 25

EAC: 13; KAC: 15

Fort: +2; Ref: +2; Will: -1

Immunities: construct, unliving



Speed: 50 ft.

Space: 2.5 ft., Reach: ft. 2.5

Offensive Abilities: Explosive



Str +4; Dex +5; Con -; Int -3; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Athletics +7, stealth +17

Other Abilities: Well camouflaged

Languages: None



Environment: Any

Organization: Small fields (3), medium fields (2d4+4), large spreads (4d10+10)


Special Abilities

Explosive (Ex): Being a mobile mine, the Silverfish can detonate at will. This has an explosive radius of 20 ft. and will inflict 2d4+2 points of piercing damage. A reflex save (DC 11) results in half damage. Furthermore, if the unit takes enough damage to destroy it, this will automatically cause it to detonate.

Well Camouflaged (Ex): Once deployed, the unit will actively seek out locations where there is known foot traffic and they will conceal their presence in these locations. As such the unit gains a +10 circumstance bonus to stealth.  


Skynet created this particular type of unit to be literally a mobile mine. Resource-wise, they are cheap and easy to produce, and do not possess even a basic AI. The unit has a set of programmed parameters, which it follows until it is destroyed or detonates.

The unit is hidden inside ruins or other locations where the resistance is likely to travel. They are set up in small, 3 foot wide ‘plates’, which are then concealed even further by being covered with debris or hidden under ruined vehicles, inside the doors to structures, or even in the fields of weeds and other vegetation. They are never found in groups smaller than 3, and are always spaced out at least 20 feet apart, to prevent accidental detonation of the whole group.

Survivors tell of entire fields of these units coming to life and charging towards them at break-neck speeds, which in some ways can be even more un-nerving than dealing directly with other types of Terminators – except the infiltrators, as one rarely has a chance to engage the silverfish before they detonate.

Motion and vibration are what trigger the unit’s activation. Whenever something comes within 100 feet, the unit will send out a brief ‘friend or foe’ IFF signal, and any Skynet unit will instantly respond with an according signal.

However, if no signal is received, then the unit will activate. If the intruding target is moving towards the unit, it will simply remain in place until the unit has passed within 20 feet. When this happens, the unit will detonate, destroying itself and hopefully wounding or killing the target.

If a target does not come within the range of its explosion, the unit will then disengage from its hiding spot and move with all haste towards the target. Once it gets within optimal range, it will detonate. The programming inherit in the unit has enough computing power to cause it to move within a group, putting as many targets as possible within the range of its detonation before exploding.

Once activated, the unit will also actively chase a target, but if the target proves to be too fast for it, the unit will disengage and return to its hiding place, where it will patiently await the next opportunity to destroy any non-Skynet targets.

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