Starfinder: REV 9

Chris Van Deelen

REV 9 Type combatant CR 10 XP 9,600

Neutral medium construct (technological)

Init +11; Senses: Darkvision 60 ft., lowlight vision 60 ft.; Perception +19


Defense                                                             HP 200

EAC: 23; KAC: 25

Fort: +12; Ref: +10; Will: +7

Defensive Abilities: hyper-alloy combat chassis, advanced, regeneration; Immunities: construct, immune to blunt, slash and piercing (memetic portion only), unliving

Weakness: Acid, cold vulnerability



Speed: 40 ft. (endoskeleton or merged version), 60 ft. (memetic version only)

Melee: Any single melee weapon +23 (damage +17), two sword arms +19 (2d8+17 S Crit bleed 1d6), or 4 tentacles +19 (1d10+17 P)

Ranged: Any ranged weapon +23 (damage+10)

Space: 5 ft., Reach: 15 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Detailed anatomy files, morphic weaponry



Str +7; Dex +7; Con -; Int +2; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Athletics +19, bluff +19, disguise +44, intimidate +19, stealth +44

Feats: Cleave, deadly aim, improved initiative, shot on the run

Other Abilities: fluid form, split

Languages: Common



Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary, pairs, small groups (1d4+2), medium groups (3d4+6)


Special Abilities

Acid Vulnerability (Ex): If the REV 9 is hit by an acid-based attack, it does not gain its DR nor does it gain any regeneration.

Cold Vulnerability (Ex): Due to the Nanite swarm the Terminator is constructed of, the memetic poly-alloy portion of the REV 9 is vulnerable to cold. It suffers a -2 to any save against cold-based attacks, and for every 10 points of cold damage the memetic poly-alloy portion sustains; it suffers a -10 ft. to its land speed. Once the memetic poly-alloy portion has received a cumulative 50 points or more damage, it is considered to be staggered. If it takes more than 50 points of damage from a single attack, the memetic poly-alloy portion is temporarily frozen (no save) and cannot move for 2d6 rounds. As the memetic poly-alloy portion regenerates, the penalties incurred from cold damage will disappear.


Detailed anatomy files (Ex): The REV 9 has detailed files of humanoid anatomy. As a result, it automatically gains a damage bonus equal to half the Terminators CR rating (rounded down). Also anytime the REV 9 gains a critical hit, any DC save increases by +2.

Fluid Form (Ex): The REV 9 is composed of a swarm of Nanites. As a result the REV 9 is able to completely conceal itself in any type of environment, gaining a +20 to stealth. Furthermore, the REV 9 can morph its body to take on the appearance of any being it has had physical contact with, becoming a perfect replica of that individual, gaining a +20 to disguise checks. Changing shape or hiding is a standard action. Finally it is impossible for the REV 9 to be grappled, and it can move through even the smallest opening, as long as it is no smaller than a quarter inch.

Hyper-Alloy combat chassis, advanced (Ex): The skeletal structure of the REV 9 is constructed of a special alloy, making it very strong and resistant to damage. As a result, the REV 9 gains a DR 20 / against all physical attacks. Furthermore, the terminator gains a +2 to all Fort saves.

Morphic Weaponry (Ex): As a standard action, the REV 9 can morph one or both arms into any type of bludgeoning, piercing or slashing weapon. It takes a standard action for the REV 9 to reform a regular limb, or create a different type of weapon. When using this ability, the REV 9 has a reach of 15 feet. Finally, it can create four tentacle-like appendages, which it can use to attack targets all around it at once, but at a -4 to hit. It can use this as the fully integrated REV 9 or its memetic poly-carbon form.

Regeneration (Ex): The REV 9 is fully capable of regenerating damage it sustains, even from energy attacks, at the rate of 10 per round. This cannot be done indefinitely though, as it can only regenerate a maximum of 250 points of damage before it needs to replenish the nanites that make up its body.

Split (Ex): The REV 9 is able to separate into two individual units, one the endoskeleton, and the other the memetic poly-carbon portion, which has all the aspects of a T-1000 terminator. This is a standard action for the unit to split, and it is a swift action for both portions to re-integrate into a single unit. When it is split like this, it is not quite as powerful, but the advantages of having multiple bodies typically makes up for any degradation in its combative effectiveness. When it uses this ability, the hit-points are divided equally between the memetic portion and the endoskeleton. The memetic portion retains the ability to regenerate damage, whereas the endoskeleton no longer has this ability (until they have re-integrated). All attacks and saves are reduced by -2, but the movement speed and DR remain untouched. If the endoskeleton is destroyed, the memetic portion can still integrate, although it will require a lot of time to use its regenerative ability to repair the damage the endoskeleton received. If the memetic portion is destroyed, the endoskeleton loses all of the abilities it provided, and it must return to a Legion facility to regain the memetic portion. It is far more vulnerable at this point as well, and is easier to destroy.


On an alternate timeline, Skynet never existed. The computer AI that was to end the world in 1997 was in fact destroyed by the very woman it had sent numerous terminators through time to kill.

However, as fate would have it, another AI dubbed Legion was eventually created and it followed closely in the footsteps of Skynet, eventually triggering Judgement day, but years past when it was originally supposed to occur.

Instead of sending a terminator back to kill mother of the leader of the resistance, it instead sent a highly advanced unit, combining the strength, speed and flexibility of the humanoid series of terminators with the T-1000.

This created a powerful and highly resilient terminator, named the REV – 9. Although it is still vulnerable to the effects of acid, cold and energy weapons, it was even more durable than other types of terminators, able to withstand incredible amounts of physical punishment.

The Exoskeleton is comprised of ultra-tough polycarbonate alloys, and is a uniform dark grey in coloration. Unlike other types of terminators, the exoskeleton of the REV 9 appears as if it is only partially complete, having large sections of the body missing (around where the rib-cage would be), and the head is also missing a portion of the skull. This is because a significant part of the REV 9 uses mimetic poly-alloy, which was first used by the T-1000 terminator and then the TX terminator.

Unlike those units, the mimetic poly-alloy is not a silver in color, but is instead a deep black, looking and moving like liquid obsidian.

As such, the unit can split into two separate units, doubling its combative capabilities and making it deadlier than just a standard unit on its own. It can split up and attack from multiple angles, gaining flanking and even have the mimetic portion gain access to locations that the standard terminator could not move through, such as narrow cracks or the like.

Unlike other terminators, this particular unit has a much more human-like demeanor. It speaks more naturally, is capable of facial expressions, and has shown a capability to show humor. Using extensive history files, it can also incorporate history or pop culture into its speech, making it exceedingly difficult to distinguish from normal humans.

When engaged in combat, the REV 9 has numerous weapons to choose from. If it does not have access to firearms, it can and will use the mimetic poly-alloy to create any type of cutting or bludgeoning weapon it needs. It has been seen creating a series of 4 long tentacles using the alloy to strike at multiple targets at once as well, even when it is using firearms.

Often when attempting to infiltrate, the REV 9 will hide small handguns or other weapons in its body, producing them when they are needed, using the memetic poly-alloy to move the weapon from the torso into the waiting hand.

Also when engaged in combat, the REV 9 will use the best weapons at its disposal. It will always attack with the most powerful weapons it possesses, although if it is surrounding or can reach, it will still use the weapons while using the memetic poly-carbon portion to create melee weapons or sharp ‘tentacles’ (as mentioned previously) to attack those it can reach. If no weapons are currently available, it will use whatever is handy. In one instance, it used rebar that had been originally used against it as a crude but effective spear against the targets it was assigned to destroy.

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